Health dangers of Wi-Fi

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Health dangers of Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is convenient but there are many health dangers of Wi-Fi.

Here are health dangers caused by Wi-Fi.

  1. Insomnia - Sleeping near Wi-Fi connection can cause insomnia and chronic sleep problems. The constant bombarding of Wi-Fi signals in the apartment or your home is causing this. Inadequate sleep leads to depression or hypertension, especially in the women.
  2. Interferes cell development - The radiations emitted from your cell phone, microwave and Wi-Fi may disrupt normal cellular development in the growing tissues of  children and youth. This may damage our Mitochondria and DNA. According to studies, plants kept near radiations never grow. Exposure to electromagnetic radiations may cause cancer and heart stroke. It may also cause childhood obesity.
  3. Neutralizes sperms - The radiations and heat produced by the Wi-Fi and your laptop may damage the sperm. It may prevent egg plantation and cause infertility in the women. Pregnant women should stay away from Wi-Fi. It is not good for the growing fetus.

How to prevent ?

Keep cellphones and Wi-Fi connections away from your body. If you are not using shut them off. EMF levels from Wi-Fi is lower than that of cell phone. You can buy some EMF protects products and safeguard yourself and your family from the effects of Wi-Fi radiations.

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