Five ways to fight breast cancer

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Five ways to fight breast cancer

The complication of breast cancer is on rising these days. Are you aware of the ways to fight breast cancer? Have a look

Build Awareness
First and foremost, the most important way to fight breast cancer is to build awareness.  People must be aware of their health and lifestyle status. Also, they must know about the various causes that give rise to this dangerous complication in women.

Physical Activities
If you wish to fight away breast cancer, you must carry out an optimum level of physical activities daily. Sedentary lifestyle and no physical activity at all often lead to breast cancer. Physical activities help in maintaining the various metabolic activities properly, thereby, ensuring a healthy life.

Balanced Diet
This is yet another essential way to fight breast cancer. It is recommended to consume fiber, which is important to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Food sources, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids like salmon, sardines, walnuts, flaxseeds and white chia seeds must be consumed to avoid breast cancer. Also, it is recommended to consume a lot of cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, arugula, brussels sprouts, bok Choy, cabbage, and kale. This is because, these vegetables are rich in phytochemicals, sulforaphane, which helps to fight away cancer. Also, it is suggested to consume foods rich in folates. Thus, it is important for every woman to consume a balanced diet.

Avoid Consuming Alcohol
Do you consume too much alcohol? Well, another way to fight away breast cancer is by avoiding the consumption of alcohol to a huge extent. 

Volunteer Yourself
Last but not the least, when you have crossed the phase of recovery, you can still participate to fight away breast cancer. You can do this by volunteering yourself by making people educated about breast cancer entirely. This is extremely effective indeed.
Thus, fight away this deadly menace from the face of the earth.

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