What is the Right Age for Swimming?

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What is the Right Age for Swimming?

Swimming is a fun activity which is liked equally by kids and adults. Swimming lessons are enjoyable and make up for a great exercise routine. But do you think that there is the best age to start swimming?

While there are no scientific proofs, doctors believe that one should let their kid gain his sense before you make him splash the cold pool water.

Minimum Age For Swimming Lessons

New parents are often excited about taking their children out for swimming lessons, which could be as early as when the kid is just four months old. Doctors suggest that swimming lessons at such a young age is not the best idea because, at such a young age, kids are prone to getting cold and they do not kick their arms and legs which might keep them warm.

Although the best age to start swimming cannot be determined, maintaining the safety of the kids, doctors find the age bracket of 3-4 years to be the suitable minimum age for starting swimming lessons. Before the age of three, children are not capable enough of learning all the strokes. The AAP does not recommend formal swimming lessons before the age of 1.

Swimming lessons and water safety go hand-in-hand. Even if your kid has passed the minimum age requirements, it is necessary to keep an eye on them while they take their swimming lessons.

If you are taking your kid out for their swimming lessons or are letting them swim in the house pool, make sure:

#. The pool is fenced

#. Keep an eye on your kids while they take a dip

#. Make sure that your child is within an arm’s reach

#. Learn to give CPR

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Right Age To Learn Swimming

While some parents wait for their kids to turn a little older, others do not waste much time before taking them for their first swimming lessons. Just because no studies have revealed the right age to learn swimming, we would want you to give your kids a swim lesson soon. But before you do so, make sure you consider some important things.

#1. Be Sure That Your Kid is Not Afraid Of Water

Before taking your child out for a swimming lesson, just be sure that your child loves being inside a pool, flapping their tiny little arms and legs. It is risky to take a kid suffering from Aqua Phobia for swimming lessons because it may lead to health hazards.

#2. Do Not Pressurize The Kid  

As parents, we are always trying to bring the best out of our children, be it through putting pressure on those little souls. Swimming is a recreational activity and should be done to release tension, not to gain any.

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#3. Go Slow On Your Baby 

Because there is no defined minimum age to start swimming, you can start enjoying some family pool time with your kids as soon as they turn six months old.

#4. Prioritize Hygiene 

Before registering your baby to a public swimming pool, check for the quality of water. Do not take your kid to a pool that is excessively chlorinated, because the water tends to get harsh with such regular treatments. Very high or extremely low temperature can also be harmful. A warm water swimming pool is ideal for taking swimming lessons.

Do you think that there is a right age to start swimming? Let us know in the comment section below.  

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