How do you keep your wallet safe while you are swimming?

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How do you keep your wallet safe while you are swimming?
Many people like to go to beaches or resorts for vacations as they love to swim. Some of them just like to lay by the side of the pool or the beach and just relax or take a sun bath. The people who like just to stay and relax by the side of the pool, don’t have to worry about their belongings or the valuables as they with them only. But for the people who like to take a dip in the water and go swimming, it’s a matter of tension as they cannot leave their valuables on the beach. There rises a fear of getting stolen by other people or being washed and taken with the sea waves.
Some people are solo-travellers. They have the tense situation when they have to go swimming as they don’t have anyone to hold their bag for them. There are so many valuables like cameras, mobile phones, watches, gold ornaments, home-keys, money, headphones, pen drives, etc. when someone goes on a vacation.

So lets look for the following ways for keeping the valuables and belongings safe when anyone wants to go swimming:
•  If with the group: If someone has gone with a group, then it is very good thing. There is one or the other person in the group who doesn’t like to swim. This person likes to sit at a table and watch other people swim. So this person can be given charge of the belongings of other people who will be going for swimming. This person will be your group itself, so he or she can be easily trusted.
•  If staying at nearby accommodation: One needs just to think whether he or she requires any valuables if they have already decided to go for swimming whole day. If they do not need any of the things, then they can leave it at the hotel room in their own closets.
•  If at the resort or private beach: If visiting a resort or private beaches, then there is paid service available for keeping the valuables. There are lockers available in different sizes according to the size of the baggage. One can buy the locker by paying the hourly or daily charges. Also, they allow putting own locks on the lockers so that people can be fully assured that their baggage is safe in the lockers. The locker people will take full care of the baggage and one does not need to worry at all.
•  If no facility of lockers: If visiting a random beach or swimming pool, where there is no facility such as lockers for keeping the valuables, then one can carry zip-lock plastic pouches. All the valuables can be put into the plastic pouch and that can be tied around the body carefully. Also, there are dry bags available in the market. Such bags are made from plastic or water-resistant materials, which can be used to put the valuables and are easy to carry on the back while swimming. There are some waterproof bags available which can be tied around the waist. This way the mind will be at peace as all the valuables will be us.
Even if people forgot to take waterproof pouches or bags, then they can make use of polythenes. If polythenes are also not available, then they can buy any pack of snacks, eat the snack and then can use the wrapper to put the wallet inside it to safeguard from the water.
One can wrap all the stuff in a towel and keep the big bundle on the sand, this way other people will think that it’s just a bundle of clothes. One can try this method, but there are possibilities of getting the things stolen.
If someone is wearing socks while swimming then, the wallet can be stuffed inside the socks. If not wearing socks then the wallet can be buried in the sand at a particular place. But one should make sure that no one else is looking at that time or forgets the place where the wallet was buried. Or can use the undergarment pouch for keeping the valuables smaller in size.
Swimming is fun to do during vacations. The main concern is about the safety of valuables. One of the above suggestions will work if used at the right time and carefully.

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