Leave Your Comfort Zone Behind and Challenge Yourself in the Bahamas

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The beginning of a new year can mean the beginning of a new you. So, as we leave the cold winter months behind us, why not step out of your comfort zone and try something unfamiliar? Taking a holiday somewhere hot, sunny and beautiful like the Bahamas not only relaxes your body but also your mind.

As you feel the everyday stress melt away in the hot sunshine, you’ll feel eager and ready to challenge yourself with something that you’ve never tried before! The Bahamas made up of over 700 different islands and cays, making it the perfect location to explore the water. The beautiful clear Atlantic Ocean is just begging you to jump in for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, surfing and a whole host of different activities.

Start your trip with a speedboat excursion to one of the private islands of Exuma. Jetting across the ocean with the wind in your hair is an invigorating start to your day in the sun, and when you arrive, there are plenty of exciting things to try out. Plunge into the crystal-clear waters and snorkel through beautiful coral reefs. Or if you’re seeking a thrill, you can feed stingrays and sharks right on the beach before meeting rare Bahamian dragons. While visiting the Bahamas you must visit the infamous swimming pigs. Find them in the Exuma where you can watch them, swim with them and even pet them! It remains a mystery why the swimming pigs call the Bahamas their home, but one thing is for sure: a visit to see them will be an experience you never forget. Blue Hole near Clarence Town If you’re looking for more action during your stay, head to Dean’s Blue Hole near Clarence Town, Long Island. This is the deepest salt-water blue hole in the entire world. Here you can swim among fascinating sea-life, such as seahorses and turtles, along with a wide array of reef fish before climbing out to dry off on the pure white sandy beach nearby.

The ultimate adventure for thrill seekers, however, is to take a shark diving trip. Here you can free swim with Caribbean reef sharks, tiger sharks, great hammerheads, lemon sharks and even spotted dolphins. An unmissable, once in a lifetime experience for anyone brave enough! Back on land, there are plenty of casinos available where you can challenge your brain cells instead of your body with a game of poker, blackjack or baccarat. Recently, world-famous athlete Usain Bolt challenged comedian and actor Kevin Hart to step outside of his comfort zone and compete with him in a game of poker. Head to one of the Bahamas grand casinos, such as the Atlantis or the Baha Mar, to put yourself to the test in lavish surroundings with breathtaking views.

For more land-based adventure, take a scavenger hunt around the city of Nassau. With just 90 minutes on the clock to explore the best of this city’s history and culture, you’ll find your pulse rising as you race to the finish line! To end the day, a more sedate idea is to venture out on horseback along one of Nassau’s beautiful Happy Trails. If you’ve never ridden a horse, then the place to try it is on the pristine white sands of a Bahamian beach in the sunshine!

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