How will Life be without Google?

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How will Life be without Google?

From the smallest query to even life advice, there is nothing that we don't look up on Google. It is the easiest way to find answers to all the pestering questions that we have. The importance of Google is such that it is now a verb. So, do you wonder how things would be if Google stops existing?

Can you really imagine a life where we would not be able to find answers at the click of a button? Tell us how your life would be like if there were no Google? Use the comment box below to share your opinion?

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There are alternatives to google and they are also quite popular. however, Google dominates the market. I think life would be the same without it because some other search engine will replace it. 

It will be pretty difficult and filled with road blocks. google is the answer to so many questions and the solution to so many problems. it will increase the need to do extra research and more digging in order to reach solutions.

In today's digital age, it is impossible to think of life without Google. The funny thing is, most of us would Google about life will be without Google. 

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