What kind of accidents can occur in kitchen?

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What kind of accidents can occur in kitchen?

The kitchen is one of the vital parts of your home, where you spend your most of the time of the day.But there are certain scariest accidents that can occur in the kitchen area.

So, it is crucial for you to stay on the safer side and to be aware of the common kitchen accidents:

Cooking fires- Fire can cause life threatening impact on your life. While using cooking equipment like a gas stove, or microwave, you should always remain present in the kitchen areas, as negligence can lead to hazardous incidents. Fire gets easily ignited in the kitchen due to the presence of excess oils and grease on the cooking surface. For such reasons, you should always keep the surfaces clean and oil-free. Whenever you are using the gas stove to cook, fry or grill your food, never leave the kitchen unattended.

Cuts- While using sharp kitchen objects like knife or peelers you are at a higher risk of experiencing cuts. Lacerations caused by sharpened objects can lead to severe bleeding and can make the condition worse, if not treated properly.

Blender injuries - While using a food processor or a blender, it is important to stay extra cautious. If the finger comes in contact with the high-speed blades of the blender, it can lead to lacerations and accidental injury.

Pepper burns - While cutting hot veggies like chilies and pepper, your skin can burn intensively if it comes it direct contact with it. Experts suggest wearing gloves while cutting these hot veggies.

Sudden falls on wet floors - Spills on the floor of the kitchen can make you experience sudden fall. To overcome such scenario, it is advisable to clean the water spills from the kitchen surface immediately, when it comes to your notice. Moreover, it also protects your kids from sudden falls and fatal injuries.

Injuries while washing utensils - While washing the utensils the pointed corners of certain kitchen dishes can hurt your skin and can cause unwanted cuts. Hence, it is better to be careful while washing the utensils.

Headbang - One of the most common kitchen accident that occurs is a head bang. When the cupboards are left open, our head suddenly strikes against the thing and you may experience a head bang. To avoid these, always remember to close the doors of the cupboards and all the kitchen cabinets.

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