What kind of accidents can occur in bathroom?

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What kind of accidents can occur in bathroom?

The bathroom is one of the crucial areas of the home where every family member needs to pay frequent visits. The slippery floors and smooth surfaces can make these visits traumatic and accident-prone for the people. The hard countertops and the smooth floors seem to be hazardous for the children, the elderly and the disabled.
As most of the accidents can occur in the bathroom, everybody should remain cautious while using it. 

Here are some of the common bathroom accidents that occur in daily life:

• Drowning accidents - Small children and a weakened adult are at a higher risk of facing drowning accidents, as he/she may suddenly fall face down and he may not be able to get up.

• Using geyser safely - Most of the modern bathroom have electronic appliances present, and one of such crucial device is the geyser. It is used to produce hot water for taking a bath. However, if the electrical wires are not set properly and you touch the switch in wet hands, it can be a risky thing. 

• Slipping - This is one of the common problems that is faced by the majority of the families. The watery surface of the bathroom can make the person experience sudden fall. To avoid such accidental falls, you need to adhere to certain precautionary measures. It is ideal to place sticky mats on the floor, as it can prevent the unwanted slipping.

Useful tips to avoid bathroom accidents:

By observing these bathroom safety tips, people can easily overcome frightful bathroom accidents:

• As the commonest accidents to occur in the bathroom is sudden falls or slipping on the wet floor, you can avoid it by putting slip resistant mats or strips on the floor and the shower area.

• Always mop up the floors properly and use the sink to wash hands. It can help you resist the risk of and falls from wet floors

• Aged and handicapped people often have the problem of immobility and loss of balance. So, to avoid sudden falls, you can install grab bars in strategic areas of your bathroom.

• To keep your bathroom childproof, always try to keep them locked. Whenever a small child visits the bathroom, he should be accompanied by an adult.

• After using any electrical appliances like a blow dryer or electric shaver always unplug them and store them in a safe place.

• To prevent severe burns from scalding hot water, always check the temperature of the hot water coming out from the outlet tap and then pour it onto your body.

• Always install bright lightings in your bath area, as darkness can elevate the chance of accidental mishaps.

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