Which thing is most hazardous in your home? What measures can be taken?

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Which thing is most hazardous in your home? What measures can be taken?

Hazardous things at home

In the 21st century, people are leading a very comfortable life. In cities, people mostly live in well-furnished houses with smooth and glossy floors, staircase and multiple electric points in each room.

However, sometimes these the glossy floors, stylish staircase and luxurious electronic devices may cause serious accidents.


Smooth and glossy floors look very attractive but it is the most common reason for slip and fall accidents. A person can slip and fall, resulting in serious injury. Therefore, the owner of the house should take great care of the floors. Never leave the floors wet, mop the floors well and never let any powdery substance to stay on the floor and make it slippery. One needs to take extra care of the bathroom floor which usually remains slippery. Don't use smooth and shiny floor materials and avoid having stuff scattered all around the floors to evade accidents. If there is an elderly person in your family then extra care must be taken.


Accidents can happen often at the staircase. A steep or twisting staircase can easily cause accidents. Therefore, while making a house try to keep the staircase at an angle of not over 45 degrees while the height of the staircase should not be over 21.5 cm and the width should not be less than 25 cm. It is better to provide a landing at every three meters and there should be a handrail for support. Moreover, avoid using a slippery material for making the staircase.


Electricity causes major accidents and injuries. Nowadays, we have more and more electrical equipment at our home. There is at least a television sets, a DVD player, a computer, a router, a microwave, an air-condition and a refrigerator at every household. These things have become a basic necessity of every household. Thus, there are high chances of electrical accidents. Follow the given measures to avoid electrical accidents at home-

i) Properly maintain electric wiring and fuses.

ii) Disconnect electrical gadgets when not in use.

iii) Never use faulty electrical appliances.

iv) Never cover the ventilation holes of any electronic devices.

v) Electrical sockets should be fitted out of reach of small kids.


Pests are equally dangerous as any deadly diseases because these small, uninvited animals are the carrier of many communicable diseases such as dengue, malaria, plague etc. Some pests also cause great damages to your houses. Therefore, take necessary precautions to keep your house free from pests.

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