Ways to prevent kitchen accidents?

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Ways to prevent kitchen accidents?

Burn injuries most frequently occur in the kitchen. As the kitchen is the dangerous place for both children and other family members, everyone needs to be highly conscious. 

Here are some helpful tips that can keep the family members safe from common kitchen accidents:

• It is crucial to keep a regular track of all the cooking equipment and important electrical appliances of the kitchen. By checking the cords, and wiring of the electrical appliances you can stay safe from electric hazards like short-circuit, or electric shocks. Moreover, while using any of the equipment, you notice any strange sound or burning smell; it is better to stop using it and hire a professional for repair and servicing.

• After cooking, always clean the areas of your kitchen, as accumulated oil and other wastes products can increase the risk of fire. Always ensure to clean the kitchen counter, stove, and microwave using tissue papers.

• When you are not using the electrical kitchen appliances like toasters, mixers, microwave, oven, and coffee maker, keep them unplugged. You need to remember that these products often draw and use electricity even when turned off.

• While making use of heating and cooking equipment like a pressure cooker and steamer, try to remain present near the kitchen area. You should never leave the stove unattended, as it can lead to kitchen accidents like bursting of a pressure cooker or fire from the stove.

• Avoid installing the smoke detector right in the middle of the kitchen, as the smoke and steam from cooking can easily trigger the alarm and you have to rush suddenly. It is advisable to place the smoke detector somewhere near the kitchen area.

• All the kitchen equipment, utensils, and appliances should be organized in a proper manner, as it can help in avoiding accidents. Objects with sharp edges should be kept at a high place that remains inaccessible to small children.

• Restrict from using metal utensils in the microwave, as it can lead to hazardous incidents.

• Always wear appropriate attire while cooking. You should avoid wearing synthetic and long-sleeve apparels as these can easily catch fire. It is better to wear comfortable, and cotton casual outfits while cooking.

• Always equip your kitchen with accurate fire safety devices like the wet chemical fire extinguisher, as it can easily put out the fires that are caused due to hot oil, grease, and fats.

• Restrict your little children from playing in the kitchen and touching sharp or hot objects. As the kitchen is a dangerous area of the home with boiling water, heated pots, and electrical appliances it can often lead to household injuries to the kids.

• Keep all the flammable things including paper towels, and dish towels away from the stove, Moreover, it is smart to not install curtains near the kitchen stove, as it can elevate the risk of fire.

• One of the common kitchen injuries that occur is a laceration, so one should remain alerted while using sharp equipment like a knife and slicing machines.

By adhering to these simple cautionary measures, you can easily overcome risky kitchen accidents.

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