How to save electricity?

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How to save electricity?

I feel that it is high time we realise how we have wasted and spoiled our most valuable inevitable natural resources like water, air, etc. All these free resources are being marketed for money these days.

Clean water comes in packets and bottles for money, very soon even unpolluted air would come in packets with the way it is being polluted by us. What is the remedy for this situation that we have put ourselves into?

Awareness is the first solution. Everybody should know that we should not waste water, electricity, etc. as they are so precious to us and our future generations. If we keep wasting them, our great grand children will not see the light. It will be like back to square one where in olden days our ancestors never got to see the light in the evening times.

Of course, there are still villages in our country which are still dark and electric power needs to be supplied to them. At least we are lucky enough to be in the city to enjoy the luxury of electricity. But we are misusing it by wasting the current.

How to save electricity? There are certain points to be followed by us so that we can save the electric power. Just like saving money and properties for our future and our children’s future, I feel that we should save current too for everybody.

Rules to be followed by us

1. Let the fan run in medium speed as that takes in less current than when in full speed. When not using, always switch off the fan and light. When not using televisions, radios, grinders, blenders, computers, etc, do not keep the switch on as that consumes some current too. We might feel since it is in the standby mode, we are saving current, but if the plug is switched on, it is said that it does take in some current as the red light is on.

 Only when needed use the electronic gadgets and do not keep them in the standby mode.


2. One of the most famous proverbs is “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy and wealthy.” What a saying!!! A smart and simple way to save the current. It is not only good for the health, but also makes us wealthy as we save power.

Do not read, write or work during the evening or night time. Reading and writing work can be allocated as morning work when there is enough sunlight and we do not have to use tube lights or bulbs. The entire family can have food at the same time thus saving power wastage.

3. If at all we need to use the bulbs after the sunset, always go for LED bulbs, which consume less power and hence current usage can be minimised.


4. During cold seasons, use sweaters and blankets to protect ourselves than to go for heaters. The same way during summer seasons, let the fresh air come into the house by keeping the windows open than to use air conditioners. Wear simple cotton clothes during summer as it absorbs sweat and keeps us cool.

5. Instead of using washing machines for washing the clothes, we can always wash our clothes with our hands as it is a great exercise not only for the hands but also for the mind. If we are overweight, we can cut down on few calories by washing our clothes by hand, doing household chores than wasting our precious money in the exercise centres or gym.


We can save so much water too by washing them with hands as the machines take excess water for washing the clothes.

7. Do not use oven during summer times as that takes in more power. Instead of cakes and pastries, we can take in whole fresh healthy snacks like vegetable salads, fruits, nuts etc. As we take in these good for health foods we can save current too.

8. Solar panels are coming up these days and as we experience so much solar energy during the day time, we can generate solar power and save the current for the night time. There are Indian states where they use solar power for power generation and they are selling current to other parts of our country, making money from the sun!!!


Guys! It is time to wake up and save electricity. Go for solar power.


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