DIY tricks to cook your vegetables in a more healthy manner

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DIY tricks to cook your vegetables in a more healthy manner

From new cooks to skilled chefs, everyone wants their food to taste flavorful and nutritional. Cooking vegetables by implementing proper tips and tricks can help in retaining the nutritional content of the veggies, and they taste delicious.

Here are some DIY vegetable cooking tricks that can help you prepare mouth-watering recipes and cuisines.

1. Select proper cooking methods- Cooking vegetables for a longer time in boiling water can eliminate all the beneficial nutrients found in them. To keep the nutritional content of the vegetables intact prefer to sauté, blanch or steam your vegetables. 

2. Measure the quantity of oil used in cooking - While preparing a vegetable dish, you can try to measure the quantity of oil used in cooking. It will help to limit a number of calories in your dish. Moreover, you can keep a close track of your oil consumption daily.

3. To keep your veggies flavorful, tender and nutritional, steaming is one of the best methods to cook delicate vegetables like peas, carrot or asparagus.

4. Using non-stick cookware - To limit the amount of oil intake in vegetable dishes, you can make use of non-stick pans to cook your vegetables. It not only helps to preserve a number of nutrients but also helps you prepare delicious dishes.

5. Choosing the right oil for cooking vegetables - To prepare a flavorful dish, one of the prime aspects is to select the appropriate cooking oil that is low in calories and high in nutritional value. Some of the best-preferred options include canola oil and olive oil, as they never make you dishes oily.

6. Never deep fry vegetables - One of the unhealthiest things to do is deep frying vegetables. In such a cooking method, all the vital nutrients of the veggies are lost. Moreover, whenever you fry your vegetables make use of paper napkins to drain the excess oil.

7. Restrict from using canned vegetables - To stay healthy, you should avoid consuming canned fruits and vegetables as they contain a high percentage of sodium. It is better to opt for fresh veggies while cooking.

8. Use the minimal quantity of salt while cooking veggies - While preparing a vegetable dish, you should try to use a minimal amount of salt for seasoning. Excess salt is extremely harmful to the human body, especially to the obese people. Instead of flavoring the vegetables using salt you can try to substitute flavorful herbs and spices.

9. Cooking vegetables using the microwave - Microwaving vegetables is considered to be a healthy option, as you need to make use of minimal oil for cooking.

10. Stir frying vegetables - Stir-frying the veggies in small amount of oil on medium heat can allow your cook veggies in a healthy manner. Rather than boiling the vegetables in hot water, it is far more beneficial o sauté them, as it retains the nutritional content of the vegetables. A little bit of oil and spices can effectively make your dish delicious.

11. Adding a pinch of sugar - When you make use of tomatoes in your dish, it can make the flavor acidic. To balance out the flavors, you can try adding a pinch of sugar while cooking. This trick can help to minimize the natural bitterness of the vegetables.

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