How to select the most suitable kitchen cabinet colors?

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How to select the most suitable kitchen cabinet colors?

Why should you select the most suitable kitchen cabinet colors carefully? It is a well-known fact that kitchen cabinets play a very vital role in increasing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your kitchen and, you need to realize that wrong selection breaks your kitchen’s functionality and style. That is exactly where the importance of color comes in and if you want to make the heart of your home (kitchen) an inviting and inspiring place, you need to choose the right color for your kitchen cabinet.

Make sure that cabinetry finishes compliment the wall color 

When you choose the cabinetry, the wall color should always be taken into consideration, and if you have a wall color that you love, you must make sure that the cabinetry finishes compliments the existing wall color in the best possible manner. For example; if you have a pale sandy fawn or beige wall color in the kitchen, it is always advisable to choose cabinets with richer and darker stain. Such a method of approach allows the color of the cabinets to go well with the beige color of the wall and still, the cabinetry remains as the focal point in the room.

Select kitchen cabinet colors based on lifestyle, comfort level, personality and space 

Many people depend on beige, cream and brown when it comes to selecting the color of the kitchen cabinets. The recent trends indicate that this concept has changed significantly and people have started incorporating different color schemes into their kitchen cabinets. The number of colors that you can choose for your kitchen cabinets is endless and but your search needs to be streamlined using a few parameters like lifestyle, comfort level, personality and space as well.

Explore different possibilities  

Top interior designers apply their creative and imaginative skills to make the overall design extremely appealing and they explore different possibilities to come up with unique and attractive color patterns. Wood species like cherry, oak or hickory can change the color of any stain or paint applied to them and if a client recommends any of these wood species, reputable designers show him/her different samples of what their cabinetry is going to look like before installed. You should always be mindful about your lifestyle while choosing the color of the kitchen cabinets. The kitchen can always be described as a room that creates a feeling of comfort and you have to find your comfort level while choosing the cabinet color.

Consider the size of the kitchen 

The size of your kitchen should be a top priority while arriving at a decision about cabinetry. If your kitchen is small and does not contain a lot of lighting, you should not choose a dark cabinet color because it makes the room look like smaller and less appealing as well. In such a situation, choosing a lighter cabinet color is the best option available.

Generally speaking, kitchen cabinets take up 50% of your budget and they also occupy around 40% of the visual space in the kitchen. That is exactly why you need to start with selecting kitchen cabinet colors that go in complete harmony with the home’s style, wall color, personality and overall ambiance of your home and, once you become convinced about this aspect, you can easily choose other colors in the kitchen.  


Yes, it is difficult to decide on the best suitable cabinet color combinations.

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