7 Most Unprofessional Things Said By Doctors

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7 Most Unprofessional Things Said By Doctors

Doctors are often referred to as gods on Earth for they treat the ill people and extend a new lease of life to them. But there are times when they say the most ignorant thing that makes you wonder why they are so insensitive and crude.

Here are some unbelievable instances that would make you ponder for the moment that compelled some highly talented medicine practitioners to say these terrible things to their patients:

#1. ‘If it has Downs I can sneak you into the hospital under the pretense of a regular checkup, and get rid of it for you. No one will know!'

Imagine your doctor saying this for your fetus! A pregnant lady shared her incident with a gynecologist who was examining the unborn baby to identify any defects in the fetus. During the examination, the doctor passed the unfortunate statement, and it left the couple scandalized. They never returned to that doctor again.

#2. "I know about your birth control mistake.”

How would feel if the doctor addresses your baby as a mistake? Not good, right? Similar emotions flushed through a couple whose doctor proposed the idea of putting them on active birth control pills to avoid making a mistake later in life.

#3. 'Why don't you just go back to not being sexually active?'

A concerned boyfriend consulted a doctor to learn about some contraceptives that his girlfriend could prescribe to as she had recently become sexually active. The response by his doctor left him flabbergasted.

#4. ‘My migraine patients are like break time because they're not terminally ill, so I get to see them year after year.'

A neurosurgeon with such an opinion would be hard to find! A female patient visited her doctor for a migraine and struck an awkward moment with her doctor when she was welcomed to the cabin with this not-so-heartwarming line. It’s brutal to say something like this!

#5. 'I hope you're not here for an abortion like the girl who just left!'

During one of the visits to the doctor, a patient waited for long hours for the lady before her to walk out of the cabin. After dropping the other lady out, the doctor called for her turn. As soon she entered the cabin, the first line the doctor said to this patient stunned her out of her wits. The doctor did not only pass the most unprofessional statement but even broke the oath it took while graduating from the medicine institute to treat his patient’s medical condition as a private piece of information and not divulge any details to others.

#6. “You know how people get pink eye, don't you? Little children get this when they have been playing around with feces."

There are several causes that lead to the pink eye such as bacterial conjunctivitis, viral conjunctivitis or even allergic conjunctivitis. However, this doctor knew of only one! A patient, suffering from pink eye, had rushed to the Emergency room of a hospital where the doctor looked the patient with an accusatory glare and passed this defamatory statement, leaving the patient uncomfortable.

#7. "Oh yes, I can tell... that's not your usual sexy voice, is it?"

A patient visited a doctor with symptoms of acute throat infection. On listening to the patient’s voice, the first reaction that came out of the physician was that line. But, it did not end there! During the consultation, the patient’s contraceptive pill had to be renewed with the new prescription. After prescribing the medicine, the doctor went on to pass a judgmental statement by asking ‘Now how often do you forget to take the pill? I bet it's a lot’.

Experienced something similar with your doctor? Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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