21 Reasons Why You Always Feel Sluggish & Sleepy

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21 Reasons Why You Always Feel Sluggish & Sleepy

Have you ever asked yourself that no matter how much you sleep, fatigue and sluggishness doesn't take a break! You are exhausted in spite of reaching the eight-hour threshold. But, least did you know that low energy levels are indicating an underlying problem.

What are those let's find out!

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#1. Dehydration

Dehydration or not drinking enough water makes you feel lousy and hampers bodily functions. Due to this loss, it's hard for the heart to pump blood faster, making you feel tired throughout.

#2. Stress

Put aside all the worries and let your body breathe freely as mental exhaustion doesn't let you relax! Let not the troubles accompany you to the bed.

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#3. Alcohol

Alcohol consumption affects your sleep, and you wake up fatigued and dehydrated. However, a few glasses may put you to sleep, but more of it messes up with your system. So next time ask yourself if you need the extra glasses!

#4. Irregular Sleeping Pattern

You might assume it as a proper sleep, but it's not a quality one. Either you lack a decent 6 - 8-hour sleep or you sleep with distractions around. When the overall well-being is connected with better sleep, why compromise with it! 

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#5. Medications

Either you are depending too much on medications or are just taking the wrong ones. Be it prescribed or taken over-the-counter, make sure to talk with your doctor and ask for a solution.

#6. Improper Diet

You may not be not fueling yourself, or you are just overeating. Skipping meals to lose weight or because of work pressure either eating all at once, both make you feel lethargic and low on energy. So make sure you eat well, please!

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#7. Exercise - Not Much Not Too Little

Grinding yourself at the gym or not moving at all - both are harmful. Choose a schedule that's moderate and necessary to feel less tired else you'll easily drain all your energy.

#8. Caffeine Consumption

This might be providing you a buzz of strength yet the more you consume caffeinated drinks, the more likely you are to wreck your energy. It initially blocks the fatiguing effects but returns later with a vengeance making you even more tired!

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#9. No Fixed Routine

When you carelessly keep going through the days and not follow a routine (religiously) it makes you more prone to laziness. An established routine keeps you on-the-go!

#10. No Time For Nature

To wrap yourself in the folds of nature is necessary. But when you aren't doing that, you are more likely to ruminate on the negative energy, moods, and emotions. No restoration time degrades your performance and leaves you sluggish.

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#11. Total Inactivity

It might seem okay to you but, by sitting still and inactive (otherwise or due to a sedentary lifestyle), you signal your body to relax, and consequently, your brain does the same. So this, in turn, makes you feel tired.

#12. Depression

Depression causes insomnia, drained energy levels along with leading to disturbed sleeping cycles. All of it contributes towards you becoming a sloth.

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#13. Anxiety

Though feeling anxious is completely normal, but when it reaches an uncontrollable level to affect your daily working, then it creates problems. Anxiety disorders make your irritable and in turn slow on a mental level.

#14. Diabetes

If you are continuously feeling worn out most of the time, then it might be a chance to monitor your diabetic levels.

#15. Overcommitments

When you can't say no, it means some commitments might go unachievable. Though it's good to help others and commit yourself to more and more work. But multitasking will tire you! You might get lesser rest which again will hinder your working making you lazy.

#16. Thyroid

Underactive thyroid is a condition where you have too little thyroid hormone leading to increased weight, aching muscles and persistent weakness.

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#17. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This is a critical illness wherein the tiredness goes on for at least six to eight months. The symptoms may include a sore throat, muscle and joint pain along with a headache.

#18. Anemia

Deficiency of the red blood cells makes it another cause for you to feel tired all the time.

#19. Food Intolerance/ Allergies

Consuming food items you might be allergic to make you susceptible to food sensitivities. This too becomes a leading cause of your excessive tiredness.

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#20. Sleep Apnea

A common disorder that congests your breathing in sleep (excessive snoring due to narrow throat) needs immediate medical attention not to let your progress be hampered in the longer run.

#21. Comfortable Temperature

Being indoors in a favorable & controlled climate is the same as a sedentary person on his couch all day! Both develop a kind of protection against the body to adapt & grow stronger.

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