How can you motivate yourself and others to have hope when there seems no hope?

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How can you motivate yourself and others to have hope when there seems no hope?

Yes, things look disheartening. It's truly terrifying. You don't comprehend what you're going to do and you don't realize what to do. This is hard and it hurts. You've faced a few misfortunes; you've endured some hard knocks. Motivation is at the lowest point in your life. 

You desperately want to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You're not a loser but rather you simply don't know how you're going to get past the seemingly insurmountable odds. You have even started to think if the struggle is even worth it. You are a warrior who is losing the will to battle on. Read on to discover four thoughtful points to help motivate yourself and others when things go out of hand and the situation looks hopeless.

1. There Is Still The Little Spark Inside You 

Something in you won't give you a chance to give up. Something in you won't give you a chance to quit. That little spark in you is urging you to compose yourself, stay focused, kindle up your motivation and keep on going for your sake and others. You know it's there. Feel it and incline toward it while you get yourself together. Pause for a minute to be appreciative for the providential inextinguishable drive that is holding you up right at this point. Concentrate on being grateful for it. It might be all you have, but it is all you require at this moment to not lose hope. 

2. Your Strength Is In Your Weakness 

Give it a decent cry if that is the way you feel. Everybody needs a decent cry once in a while. Permit yourself a minute to be human. Recognize where you are and what is going on. Despite the fact that you are drained and things seem to deteriorate before they improve, you have something that will bring you through. It appears to be conflicting yet there is something intense in recognizing your weakness. Having a clear idea of your weakness will bring in more clarity, help you focus, motivate yourself to look for a solution, and pass on the lessons learned to others.  

3. You Are Not Alone 

You are not the only one. You have individuals on your side. It may not be the individuals you expected or wanted that would be there. Gaze upward. More often than not, the much-needed support and inspiration come in from least expected quarters. The help you need is here. Maybe from a loving family, supportive friends, and understanding colleagues. You require somebody to let you know that you will be alright. Hey, everything will be alright. We are there for you when you need us. 

4. Your Situation Is never Hopeless 

Your circumstance may be terrible. Everything around you might look dark and dreary. The future might even appear bleak. Since you have steadied yourself and have recognized how you feel, now that you know there is somebody some place in your corner, begin looking at the situation and circumstance from a totally different perspective. Consider where you want to be in the following couple of months. Look ahead to where you might truly want to be. Not where you are at this moment. Remembering where you are, where you want to go perhaps a couple of months down the line and what should be done to reach that point is crucial to forget the past and look forward to a promising future. Discover the reasons to hope that you can start healing, fixing, moving and changing. Locate the meaning in what you are experiencing. Discover the path forward. You have the answers. Check with that steadying power inside. What bodes well for you to do at this time is to start getting the pieces together? It may be only a solitary step forward. That is alright. That simple first step is sufficient. Take it slow and steady. 

Count the blessings that reside inside this circumstance. Pronounce that you will push ahead. You can do this. You can survive this. You have survived and you have the motivation to trust this is not the end of your story. Share your experience with others. Encourage others to do what you did. Inspire and motivate as many as possible thus making a positive impact on others lives.

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