9 Super Fun Facts About Ice Creams That We Bet You Did Not Know

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9 Super Fun Facts About Ice Creams That We Bet You Did Not Know

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream! Practically every child has grown up with this little rhyme embedded in their brain every time their parents served the cold dessert to them.

The yummy flavor of the ice cream is loved by most, for its richness and freshness. However, is anyone aware of its history and origins? On National Ice Cream Day, let’s celebrate the special day with some fun facts about the dessert that many had no idea about!

#1. Did you know National Ice Cream Day began as a day of celebrations in the year 1984 by Ronald Reagan who termed food as fun and nutritious!

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#2. It takes approximately 50 licks to get a scoop, a figure that is pretty hard to guess!

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#3. No one knows how ice cream came into origin. While that remains a mystery, get which of the following was invented before – The chocolate ice-cream or the vanilla one? You will be astonished to know that among the two, chocolate made its way first!

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#4. Many theories claim that Ice-creams were discovered by Christopher Columbus nearly 250 years before it features in the market of North America. Another theory claims that Alexander the Great has tasted the snow flavored with nectar and honey, which is often regarded as one of the early iterations of ice cream dating back to 356 BC.

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#5. Did you know that the ingredients of the first handmade ice-cream were so gross that it would make you cringe? Apparently, materials like cream, mace; sugar and ambergris were used to make the first ‘icy cream.' For those who aren't familiar with what ambergris is, it is whale vomit. Now, isn’t that disgusting?

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#6. This fact would make you believe in miracles! One of our favorite desserts, waffles cones are invented by accident. This greatest invention occurred at the World’s Fair in St Louis, Missouri where the man fell short of ice cream cones. In a desperate attempt to serve the guest, he sought help from a waffle vendor and wrapped his waffle to form a cone to serve ice cream. It led to the invention of the waffle cone.

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#7. Quite literal to its name, before milk products were used to produce ice creams, it was purely based out of ice. Much like the flavored ice bars that we get in the market!

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#8. Have you ever wondered if ice-cream sundaes had any association with Sundays? Well, to your surprise yes they do. Sunday was considered to be the most profitable day for ice cream seller. Thus, special ice cream by the name of sundaes was prepared to uplift the sales of that day further.

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 #9. Don’t like ice-cream? Try having the Hawaiian fruit! For those who do not enjoy the coldness of the dessert, there is an alternative that tastes the same as the ice cream. Known as the ‘ice-cream bean,' this fruit tastes exactly like the vanilla ice cream.

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Now it's your turn to tell us your favorite ice cream flavor by voting in our fun poll below.

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For the once who do not like chocolate, (YES, there are people who do not like too much chocolate), strawberry and butterscotch are like the good to go flavors. 

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