How can you eliminate stressful situations?

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How can you eliminate stressful situations?

Stress can come from many areas of life. Stressful situations may leave us feeling drained. Taking things positively and eliminating negative things in our life is the key to handling stress. Some people may start drinking too much, eating too much, sleeping too much to cope stress. Some may even get addicted to bad habits like smoking, consuming drugs and physical violence. There are many factors that contribute to stress.

Toxic relationships.

Conflicted relationships can be causing stress and affecting your health. It is important to eliminate stressful relationships or handle it effectively. Divorce also causes stress in both the couple and their children as well. Maintaining distance from unwanted relationships will help to ease stress. Do not simply tolerate everyone. Learn to say 'No' to unwanted things.

Stress at work.

Think and write down about what is causing stress in your life. Your work and family responsibility may be challenging. Plan and schedule your routine work activity.Organize things and save some energy and time. Take help of a maid for household chores. Set priorities for office work. Save your energy for work which yields positive results. Eliminate the negative or unnecessary ones.

The death of loved ones.

The death of loved ones is definitely very stressful and one may never come out of it completely. However, it varies from person to person. Some forget it and some may take some time to recover. Support from friends and relatives is necessary during such stressful situations.

Losing a job.

Loosing job results in depression. You may have to change your lifestyle and make financial arrangements. You may be under stress until you get a new job.

Major illness.

Many people with major illness undergo depression. They need emotional support from family, friends and children at this time.

Here is how to cope stress in a healthier way:

Make friends.

Share things which are causing stress in your life with your friends or relatives. Let the feelings come out. Do not bottle up your feelings. Eye contact, speaking and listening will release a hormone that reduces stress. Take support from your friend circle. Write down in a paper how you feel. Write down your goals and ways to achieve it in a paper.

Manage your time.

Time management is related to stress management. Poor time management can cause a lot of stress. Do not overdo anything. Plan, organize and carry out your work in time.

Learn to forgive.

Always forgive people to stay away from negativity. Forgiving and moving ahead in life will help in relieving stressful situations.

Develop hobbies.

A hobby may be anything like reading a book, watching television, socializing etc. Hobbies help you forget your past and present stressful situations. Listening to soft music will calm your mind and body. It will help you to relax.

Exercise and meditation.

Exercise regularly. Exercising may include anything like a simple walk for half an hour. Walking in nature is of most benefit. Exercise like swimming, aerobics, the dance will also help to ease out stress. Meditation helps soothe out headaches and body aches. It relaxes your mind and body. Deep breathing is also beneficial in easing out stress. Meditation may be deepened with aromatherapy. You can burn incense sticks and use essential oils as a diffuser. Essential oils may also be used for bath spa.

Food and nutrition.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Have a healthy breakfast. Reduce intake of caffeine and sugar. Avoid emotional eating during stress. Emotional eating affects your health. Take food rich in omega fatty acids.

Good sleep.

Eight hours of sleep is essential to be relaxed. The ideal sleep time is 10.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. Switch off all the electronic gadgets and lights before sleeping.


Laughing helps our body and mind relax. We should always spend time with positive thinking and supportive people.

Learn to compromise.

A little compromise may clear all the problems and you may remain stress-free. So instead, of changing people you yourself can change or bend a little.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Quit smoking, drinking and drugs.

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