Ways to relieve stress in five minutes.

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Ways to relieve stress in five minutes.

People hardly get free time these days, because of their busy work schedule. There are days when they do not eat, eat late in the day and ignore their own personal needs. This is creating stress.

Here is how to relieve stress within five minutes.

# Nibble on chocolate.

# Dark chocolate contains Flavonoids. This can lower stress levels. Eat only a small piece of chocolate. Do not over eat.

# Drink a cup of green tea.

# Green tea contains L-Theanine. A chemical that relieves stress.

# Pet an animal.

# Petting animals increase your serotonin and dopamine. This helps relieve your stress. Take your dog out for a walk. This will give you a bonding time and physical activity. Watch a fish in your aquarium. This will change your mood.

# Just move a little.

# Two minutes of exercise will act as antidepressant. It is enough to change your mood. You can go walking with a friend. This way you can nurture relationships too.

# Count to ten.

# Start counting slowly till ten and then backwards from ten.

# Get some sunshine.

# Sunshine uplifts our spirit. It produces vitamin D in our body. Soak yourself in the sunshine.

# Sniff citrus.

# Citrus fruit like orange can reduce stress levels.

# Gaze at peaceful images.

# Keep easy access to peaceful photos.

# Develop a hobby.

# Hobby like drawing or painting is also a great stress buster.

# Listen to music.

# Listen to music and do your household work or cleaning. This will help you relax. You can also sing and dance. Try singing in a shower or in your car.

# Home spa.

# Pamper yourself in bubble bath. This helps you relax and give a clean feeling. Use Aromatherapy. This will be very soothing.

# Squeeze a stress reliever ball.

# It is better to squeeze a ball than squeezing somebody's neck.

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