Homemade syrup - cure for thyroid gland.

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Homemade syrup - cure for thyroid gland.

This amazing drink helps in working for your thyroid gland. This drink is also suitable for climatic upsets, obesity and neutralizing toxins.

Here is the recipe -


Green walnuts - 50

Honey - 500 grams

# Young green walnuts are rich in vitamin C and many other vitamins. It is also rich in Iodine. This syrup is a great blood, liver purifier and is good for anemia. It promotes healthy flora levels.

# Green walnuts are young walnuts. They are the size of a small egg or big olive. They are usually used for pickles. When cut open, they leak a clear, colorless liquid. This may stain your hand and it may remain for weeks.

Procedure - First dry them in sunlight. Cut them in quarters. Wear your hand gloves while cutting. Put them in a glass jar. Cover with honey. Seal the jar well. Allow curing for one month. Shake it. Walnuts, release a kind of healing juice to the honey. This way the honey gets a darker color when diluted. Keep this jar in a cool place.

Dosage: One teaspoon a day. Take this on an empty stomach, daily in the morning.

You can buy green walnuts from your supermarket or online. Try this delicious and healthy recipe today!

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No, the thyroid is a fatal disease if its treatment is not done properly then it may be dangerous for the health so it's treatment should be done under the doctors instructions only.

Homemade syrup is just a layman home remedy to be done simultaneously. But it will be having benefits which your doctor may otherwise not mention. Any natural treatment should be done only after consulting your doctor.

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