Which is the best time of the day to walk? Is it morning or evening?

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Which is the best time of the day to walk? Is it morning or evening?
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Morning walk is the best walk it keeps the human body full flexible and relaxed whole day.


A study found reduced attraction to photos of food after a 45-minute brisk morning walk, and more activity throughout the rest of the day. You can make time for exercise by getting up a bit earlier. Raises your heart rate and metabolism to burn more calories earlier in the day.


Exercise is essential to staying healthy, whether you walk in the morning or evening. It's good to stick with fixed time to walk so it becomes a habit. 

Benefits Of Evening Walk

-In the evening, your muscles have had all day to warm up. This can make your evening exercise more efficient by allowing you to add more power to your walk.

- After a long day, there is nothing better than a walk to clear your mind and help you relax.

-  An evening walk every day can help you sleep better as you will feel relaxed and free of any stress or tension.

- Going for a walk after dinner can help you digest your food properly. 

- Evening walks can ease back pain. After a whole day of chores or sitting in your office, your back gets tensed up.

- One of the best health benefits of evening walks is that they help in reducing high blood pressure as well as hypertension

- As mentioned earlier, walking helps you feel relaxed after a long day. Your mind becomes calm and you get a chance to get rid of all the negativity of the day. This will also reduce the risk of depression. 

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