Tips to avoid Body Odor problem

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Tips to avoid Body Odor problem

With the onset of summer season, people often complain about excess sweating and bad body odor. Body odor is nothing but an unpleasant smell ejected from your body after sweating. As the microbes get deposited on the outer skin of the body, the sweat produced is broken into acids, which in turn produces a foul smell.

Here are some simple tips that can help you fight body odor problems during the scorching summers -

• Try to keep your armpits clean and wash them with anti-bacterial soap. Appropriate hygiene measures can prevent the hairy sweat glands from sweating and inhibit the bacteria deposition.

• People who sweat a lot should always use strong deodorant or antiperspirant, to prevent the bad body odor.

• Taking shower once or twice a day can prevent deposition of odor-producing bacteria on your sweat glands.

• It is advisable to wear clothes made from natural fibers like cotton or silk, as breathable materials can allow the sweat to evaporate out of the body.

• One should avoid consuming spicy and oily foods, as it can initiate the process of sweating.

• For smelly feet or bromodosis, one should always wash the feet properly and wear cotton socks.

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Sometimes the cure leads to worsening of the problem which you are trying to solve. Such is the case in using deodorants for getting rid from bad body odor. As reported by Real Clear Science, deodorants affect the bacterial balance in your armpits, leading to an even more foul odor sweat problem.

Thus natural remedies like having bath twice daily, wearing washed or sanitized clothes and maintaining personal hygiene are best remedies to get rid of bad body odor. 


Yes, Deodorant can help you get rid of bad Body Odor but the deodorant are not good for the skin so it should be applied less. 

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