Fidget Spinners-The New Stress Buster

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Fidget Spinners-The New Stress Buster

Fidget spinners are toys that help people relieve stress, and they are also a lot of fun. As they are an excellent stress buster, there are more chances of finding them in the hands of adults rather than children, and this is exactly what is happening in Pune.

The toy easily fits in the palm of your hand and can be carried anywhere just like a cell phone, the only difference being this form of distraction helps you counter your nervous ticks.

(Image Courtesy: BGR)

A fun way to tackle problems such as stress, ADHD, and even anxiety, it’s no surprise that this humble little toy is tending everywhere on the internet and the streets of Pune. Priced at a reasonable price of 100 -250 Rupees, they are affordable and very accessible. It’s not just Pune but the internet as well that is quite taken by the three- winged ball -bearing device. There you would find countless videos of how to operate and make these fun devices.

(Featured Image Courtesy: TOI Student)

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