What are the least stressful jobs in engineering

771 Views Updated: 20 Nov 2017
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Engineering is full of stress in itself and there is no escape to that. If you have done engineering in your life, you anyways had a lot of stress in the 4 years of your life and even more. The jobs in engineering are also stressful and time taking. Most of the jobs in engineering are mentally exhausting and stressful. It has physical stress as well. However, a job can require you to do anything apart from something illegal of course. Understand the fact that you are a human being and are going to make mistakes over and over again.
Chemical engineers have a bit less stress and earn a lot. Engineering can take you up to being a chemical engineer. The salary is quite amazing and they are specialist in designing chemical plant equipment, manufacturing products and chemical by applying technology and principle of physics and chemistry of engineering.
Civil engineers on the other hand are mostly away from the mental stress. All they have is a bit physical stress sometimes. They performs duties in designing, planning and constructing building structures and facilities. They are also responsible for the maintenance of those facilities like airports, railways, roads, harbors, pipelines, power plant, sewage systems and what not.

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