How to be an Independent Woman?

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How to be an Independent Woman?

In a patriarchal society, where men rule the world, being an independent woman is a rebellious act. For a lot of women and girls out there, who strongly believe in being self-sufficient and independent, life has been a roller-coaster.

Being an independent woman may be a choice of living for some, while others just do it out of necessity. The definitions keep on changing. As good as the idea sounds, not every independent woman ends up in a plush apartment with an exotic beach view.

Strong, independent girls are not defined by their circumstances but by the decisions that determine their state of living. A responsible and confident woman can make the best out of every situation and keep working hard to retain her inner strength and ethical values.

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If you wish to know how you can become a strong and independent girl, then read the pointers below.

What Makes You A Strong Independent Woman?

Here are certain traits that are usually found in strong, independent and self-sufficient girls.

#1. She Pays Her Own Bills

An independent woman never wants to depend on anyone concerning her financial matters. Alone or in a company, an independent woman always likes to pay her own bills. She loves to spend some alone time, won’t matter if that costs her 1000 calories.

#2. She Builds Her Own Path

An independent woman does not like to roll with the crowd. She likes to follow her own path irrespective of what others think of it.

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#3. She Travels Solo

An independent woman would never wait for someone to accompany her on trips, she loves to travel solo. She is not scared to face the difficulties that will come across while on the journey. She’ll face them and come out of them with more power and strength.

#4. She Will Not Change Herself

An independent woman chose to be what she is, and won’t change for a random guy. If you like her the way, she is, cool, if not, she’s so not going to change or plead you to accept her.

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#5. She Is Looking For An Equal Partner

When an independent woman moves out of her house on the lookout for a partner, she is not looking for someone who can protect her and support her financially. She is looking for someone who will treat her equally as a partner and not an object of admiration.

#6. She Knows Her Capabilities

An independent woman is much aware of her merits and limitations. She knows what she is capable of and what she deserves. She will never settle for anything that brings her disrespect.

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#7. She Stands For What Is Right

An independent woman will never shy away from putting her point. If she thinks it's right, she’ll make sure that everyone hears her out. She’ll take a stand no matter what obscurities it brings with itself.

#8. She Doesn’t Want Anyone To Spoil Her

An independent woman is self-sufficient to look after her needs. She can easily maintain a balance between paying her bills and pampering herself. You mess with her, and she will kick your ass with her Jimmy Choos.

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#9. She Knows How To Prioritize

For an independent woman, her career is as important as her family. She’ll prioritize her goals and ambitions whenever needed. She knows how to juggle between her family and her work.

#10. She Doesn’t Apologize

Sounds weird right? Well, that’s not what we meant. An independent woman would never apologize for something she didn’t do, or something that she doesn’t think is wrong. She is not afraid of the society and will always stand for what’s right.

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How To Be An Independent Woman 

Being an independent woman is not a process which needs a step-by-step recipe. It is rather a state of mind and a choice of living that every girl or women have to make. There are certain things mentioned below that reflect upon the mindset of an independent woman.

#1. Do Not Neglect Your Career

If you wish to be an independent woman, it is advisable that you focus on your career. As an independent woman, it is highly important that you have financial independence too. Having a steady career will eventually boost your confidence and keep you motivated to do greater things in life.

#2. Take Charge

To be independent, it is essential that you start taking charge. Fixing bulbs, changing punctured tires, paying your bills, all these things should come handy. While it’ll be great if you have someone who can help you out, being self-sufficient is a bliss.

#3. Do Not Overreact

Once you plan on being independent, you need to take control over the situations. You cannot overreact to every little situation, stay calm and try to find solutions instead. And even if you end up creating a mess, do not panic. Just be patient and try to come up with ways to get over the mess.

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#4. Don’t Pay Heed To Haters

Just as they say, haters gonna hate and potatoes gonna potate! Do not bother about the hatred. You’ll never be in a place where everyone will like you. Haters will always exist, especially if you are successful. Just focus on improving yourself but do not get affected by unnecessary hatred. 

#5. Never Stop Learning

A strong independent woman will never stop learning. Be it something that is as small as learning to make a video call or something as complicated as an analytical research. They will keep on learning new things to stimulate their creative instincts.

#6. They Stay Healthy 

An independent woman, however busy she keeps, will always find time for her body. Be it a glass of juice in her breakfast or a weekend spa session; she is sure to keep a check on everything. An independent woman understands the value of staying healthy and would, therefore, never compromise with her body.

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#7. They Don’t Live In Fairytales

An independent woman loves to stay in the real world. She does not live in her bubble and functions accordingly. She would never put her hopes in unrealistic things and would always make realistic and positive decisions.

#8. They Keep Everything In Control

An independent woman loves to stay in control. She has everything sorted and therefore, never lets a situation pass out of her hands. Also, a strong independent woman will never lose control of her life. Self-control serves an important purpose in her life, and she treats it as an asset and virtue.

#9. They Do Not Tolerate Dominance Or Dictatorship

A strong and independent woman would never let anyone dictate or dominate them in a relationship. They believe in individuality, and hence demand respect and the right to put forward their opinions. She would never let anyone else take her life decisions, even if they are right.

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Being an independent and strong-headed woman has its own fair share of hiccups, yet the beauty lies in overcoming those fearlessly, and therefore, you rise and shine every day.  When your life does not depend on someone else’s decisions or actions, and you start dwelling a life that is purely based on your own terms; you feel a sense of inner happiness and satisfaction which is unachievable in any other circumstance.

You don’t need to wait for others to decide for you, as an independent woman you can make your own choices. Be confident enough to not put yourself in the second place. 

Prioritize yourself and your needs over everything else. That's the way to go girl!

Liked what you just read? Do you know of any independent woman? Come and tell us in the Comments Section below!

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While it is said that being an independent and strong woman is a virtue, one cannot deny that these career oriented ideas have been ruing our society. Being strong, fearless and determined are some of the great qualities that every woman should possess but why does she need financial independence?

The very concept of independence and freedom has given women an undue advantage over men, which has unfortunately ruined the basic structure of family. There are certain traits that fall naturally in the lap of every strong and independent woman.

They want to do everything by themselves. It sounds great when you hear that your girl loves to take charge of each and everything. But there are certain tasks that need to be delegated to other people.

It is good that you do not wish to burden anyone else with your work, but sometimes you just need to let it go and not be so hard on yourself. By not letting anyone help you, you are welcoming more stress and burden for your own self. Especially in a relationship, it is important that you let your partner help you in lightening your burden. If you do not let him help you, he might feel neglected or unwanted.

An Independent Woman Syndrome causes you to deny any external help, be it from your own husband. Things like these in a marriage might lead to frustrations. While trying to get your shit together yourself, you often put your partners butt down, which only makes him feel unwanted and of no help to you.

When you’re in a relationship, you are an independent woman, you have obviously been through all the obscurities and struggles that life had to offer. Now that you are in a powerful position, it becomes difficult for you to respect others. In a relationship, it becomes difficult because you are unable to respect your man for his efforts and you know that you could have done it too. When he looks at you for some acknowledgement or appreciation, you might just end up being insensitive. You struggle to let your man feel like the man in the relationship. Many women who suffer from Independent Woman Syndrome can get very aggressive and end up messing up their relationships.

You may be an independent woman, but respecting your relationship cannot be neglected. One needs to find a balance between being independent and still being dependent.

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