Significance of Book Review

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Significance of Book Review

Significance of Book Reviews

Book publishing is four-way traffic, comprising of writer/author, publisher, book reviewer and publication.

Book Review: To review a book we need an expert or authority on the subject on which the book has been written.

Qualities or Qualifications of a Book Reviewer: 1.The person who has been selected or chosen to review a book must be an authority on the subject.

2. A good reviewer must be familiar with the background of the author. He should be a master of the language in which it has been written. The reviewer should also have ideas regarding the other literary works of the author or other authors who have written on the same subject. This will facilitate the reviewer to carry out a comparative study.

3. A good book reviewer must be an avid and committed reader.

4. He should be fair-minded and impartial instead of being partial or biased.

5. He should be a familiar name with a good reputation at par the author.

6. He should not be related to the author or publisher.

7. He should have both time and patience per se, as sans these qualities he will not be able to do justice with the task assigned to him. 

Book reviewers have to be prudent while reviewing because the modern era readers are very picky and selective.

A book review enables readers to decide on whether or not to purchase the book.

Book reviewers generally receive lucrative payment for their job. However, there are a handful of reviewers, mostly writers of profound fame or reputation who are reluctant to receive any payment for their work as their review a literary publication only for pleasure and love for literature with admiration for the author or the subject of the publication.

As a profession, book reviewing is a thankless job, but incredibly serious as a bad or biased review can jeopardize an excellent author.

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Book Reviewing is an important aspect for success of any book. 

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