Does belief in God make us irrational?

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Does belief in God make us irrational?

God has power, he can do anything he wants to do. He is the reason for our existence. Without him, we even can’t breathe as he has provided us the air to breathe. God has supernatural powers with him. He is the creator of this world we are living in and if he wishes he can even destroy it. God is worshiped by people. They have end number of beliefs in him. People worship him in temples, mosques, church and everywhere they find him. god remains the last hope for any person struggling to death. God resides in the hearts of people making them irrational somewhere or the other.


God can cure everything, yes, it’s true. God has all the powers and even he can bring a life to a dead person. God can even save us and our family from all the evils, hurt, problems. He can also sort out them and be everywhere with us. But is god only the solution? When a student knows he has his exams approaching, the only thing he asks for is god’s help. During exams and even when it’s the result time, we tend to say god save us. Why? In our day to day lives, we see people donating crores of money to god and all sorts of tantrums in the society. Why all this for? Just to impress god?



People has so much faith in god that they have started depending on him. on every occasion or issue, they have to include god neglecting the reality. We all believe god and we should but that doesn’t mean we have our eyes closed and say that god will save us. That’s nothing but a bullshit. God helps us, that’s true, but it is not necessary to include him or even blame him for anything in our lives.




Remember, it's our hard work which will make a thing work for us. God never tells us to just stop doing efforts and he will do all the work for you. God never tells a student to not prepare for his exams and he will save him. god never tells us to make huge donations to him and likewise. People should worship god and have belief on him but if you highly depend on him, then it's your fault. Our efforts will show us our performance.


God has created humans just because humans have to do hard work for their living. He has given body, soul, brain, heart to every human so that he might work and stand successfully in his life. It's our dedication towards a thing which will help us succeed. God is present everywhere as an invisible guide who shows us the right path to walk upon but we are the ones who have to walk on that path shown to us by god. We are the ones to make decisions. So, god is impressed by your work you choose to do. He gets impressed by your actions, not your blindly believe on him. 

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