7 Reasons Indians Want To Leave India To Settle Abroad

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7 Reasons Indians Want To Leave India To Settle Abroad

A couple of years ago, Aamir Khan shared how his wife, Kiran wanted to leave India, and it soon became the talk of the town. While this might have transformed into a huge controversy, there is no denying the fact that settling abroad is becoming a trend among Indians these days.

A survey conducted by the United Nations revealed that India is not only to become the most populated country in the world but also has the highest number of people living in other countries. There were only 6.7 million Indians living abroad but within the span of 25 years, the number doubled to reach 16 million.

Troubled and surprised by these stats, we decided to write about the reasons why Indians are opting to move to other countries. Here’s what we found scouting the internet.

#1. Better Pay

Among the most basic reasons that Indians wish to settle abroad is because they know they can earn manifolds more money that they will earn doing the same kind of work in India. Hence, software engineers, doctors and scientists along with several other professionals are moving to European and American countries in search of a better paycheck.

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#2. Job Opportunities

With the Indian population aiming to reach the 1st position in the next few years, the national economy has become riddled with huge competition. Therefore, even people who have a great educational background are unable to secure reputable jobs for themselves.

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#3. Educational Infrastructure

India is home to several prominent educational institutions such as the IITs and IIMs. However, it doesn’t compete with other nations when it comes to accessibility and quality of education. That is why more and more Indian students are heading to countries like Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Australia for higher education.


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#4. Better Standard of Living

In United Nations’ latest Human Development Index, India is ranked 131 in the list of 188, falling one position from the previous year. Topping the chart are Norway, Australia, and Switzerland, which are ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Some other countries that beat India on this front are Brunei, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Brazil, Algeria, Libya, Iraq, and Guyana.

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#5. Tolerable Society

India becoming intolerant has been the headlines in the newspapers for quite some time now. This was the reason that Kiran Khan thought about leaving the country in the first place. More and more people are bothered by being judged by others and wish to live in a society where they can be who they want to be and not have to become the center of attention for every gossip monger.

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#6. Ease of Doing Business

Some people are also of the belief that indulging in a business activity is a Herculean task in India as compared to other countries. Therefore, ambitious entrepreneurs are exploring the idea of moving abroad and start their own small business.

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#7. The “Foreign” Dream

Since our childhood, we are programmed to believe that traveling or settling abroad equals success. If you are making good money in India, it’s great, but nothing is as great as moving to Europe, Australia or North America. That is why we are ready to move mountains to seize the opportunity to escape to America, Europe or Australia if a chance ever comes our way.

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These are some reasons we thought were significant that since many Indians these days are settling abroad. Let us know your opinion on this topic through the comment section below. Also, remember to vote in the interesting poll we have for you below.

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