What Jobs can You get with an Associate Degree?

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What Jobs can You get with an Associate Degree?

To start with a right path for your career, a degree is where you start from. Whenever someone says college, the first thing which is likely to come in anybody’s mind is a four year or three-year degree. However, if you don’t have enough time or money to invest in a degree, an associate degree is the best option for you. Especially for non-traditional students who want their career to take a ride differently, an associate degree offers the affordable and fast routes for career options.

From technical careers to the medical profession, associate degrees have established themselves everywhere. An associate degree is half of the workload of a four-year degree. An associate degree is significantly cheaper than the bachelor’s degree. It is affordable for most communities. There is an option of online associate degree also available. For someone who wants to get in, get out and get to work, these degrees are an excellent option. These degrees are immensely focused on training the students with a professional perspective. This training is given from a specific point of view of the job.

Best jobs with an Associate Degree

#1. Nuclear Technicians

One of the highest paid jobs with an associate degree is a post of specially trained professionals in energy production and nuclear research. They are trained to handle the special operating equipment. The salary expectations can be more than $80,250 p.a., and there are several vacancies always open for this post.

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#2. Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers help in maintaining the safe essentials by directing the flow of air traffic through the national airports. They monitor the flow of taking off and landing movement of the air crafts. The job offers more than $125,000 p.a. salary package. The schools of air traffic controller provide a degree of two years.

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#3. Computer Programmer

The computers will always need proper hardware and software programs to function. In order to fulfill that need, the job of computer programmer comes in light. The salary can be expected around $79,500 p.a. on an average initially. Though, this job can also be done with an associate degree.

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#4. Dental Hygienist

The responsibility of cleaning the teeth and taking care of patient's proper dental hygiene is certified to a Dental Hygienist. This career has a potential to grow in future as you require a proper license to work as a Dental Hygienist. The salary this job offers is more than $72,000 p.a. and there are thousands of job vacancies in this field.

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#5. Web Developer

If you have a flare in complex computer coding, you can make meaningful income with a two-year degree associate degree for a Web Developer. The career of a Web developer grows whoppingly as the IT field is in their golden days currently and it is here to stay. The expected salary is around $70,000 p.a. but the vacancies and growth in this job are insanely high.

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#6. Police Officer

Yes, you heard it right! By being the protector of society, you can earn a substantial income. Of course, the work demands physical and emotional investment but it is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. The prospects of this job are also good for future. More than that it offers the salary package of more than $60,00.

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Motivation and proper flexibility can take you anywhere. This is the only thing which requires for you to be professionally successful. 

An associate program can certainly make your career in the best way possible. If you have any other query regarding your career, put the grief aside and feel free to reach us by commenting in the box below. We would love to hear from you!

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