Pros & Cons Of Having A Career In Freelance Writing

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Pros & Cons Of Having A Career In Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is almost like photography these days - everyone wants to dive into the pool without understanding the consequences. It's a dream job for everyone. But least do people realize that it certainly comes with its flip sides. 

Check out the pros and cons of pursuing a career in freelance writing.


#1. Of Couse, Flexibility!

Skipping to start early, no commuting hassles, not facing cold wintery streets or harsh sun rays, being able to stick to social commitments - is primarily the lifestyle of a freelance writer. You are working for your self, and there's no boss to keep a check around. So, as long as deadlines are met, quality is maintained, payments are received, you are all set! Flexibility is the key advantage.

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#2. More Vacation Time

Deciding on a vacation seems to be possible even while you are working. Writing as a freelancer allows you work alongside travel. No need to keep shooting emails to several supervisors or keep requesting the HR personnel.

As long as you have your laptop, a reliable internet connectivity, some spare time, you are working on-the-go. And enjoyment time also doesn't get hampered. Relocation and exploration still bring in your income that can either be utilized for the current holiday or of course be saved for the next one.

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#3. Diversity of Projects

As a freelance writer, you get the chance of working with a multitude of clients and projects. Life isn't as miserable as in the office space. You get the flexibility to choose from various niche and not be industry specific. The variety is endless, and even if you specialize in a particular category, you can still master several styles. Mundane becomes a thing of the past.

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#4. There's More Space For Creativity

Unlike the person sitting at a desk all day, a freelance writer gets to scroll his/ her imagination to incredible terrains. You get to do things the way you love! You are free to make use of your intellectual levels and creatively go about things. Doing something that bores you doesn't bring out maximum potential. While freelancing, you are less restricted and feel contended. But just in case you aren't passionate, don't even try to take up writing.

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#5. Independent Financial Security

Unlike traditional work arrangements, job or financial insecurity isn't the case. Once you start paving the income stream, financial security isn't dependent any longer. In the case of a troubled economy, risking the job could be the worst thing ever.

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#6. Minimal Risk and Newer Opportunities

In the ever changing markets, fresher opportunities keep springing. It is with minimal risk that you consistently increase your knowledge and experience graph. There happens to be a rapid growth for writers wherein newer projects and clients keep coming in!

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#7. Finding Potent Work Is Competitive

The job of a freelance writer also includes the capability of being able to promote yourself. You need to create an authentic proposition and confidently pitch the clients. You should recognize your worth, become a great negotiator, and keep all options open! Finding genuine work is competitive where other writers are ready to undermine you! Nothing quickly comes on your plate.

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#8. A Damaged Routine

You tend to lose track when it comes to maintaining a healthy routine. You start overlooking your lifestyle. Until and unless you don't pay attention to how things are going, your overall well-being drastically declines.

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#9. No Draft Means No Payment

The moment you start taking things the easy way is the time you lose control. Radar of your work cycle starts to disbalance as the amount of effort put into writing directly relates to how much you earn. So, here is the worst case, if you don't draft your content, you don't get paid. Period!

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#10. Loneliness Can Make Life Difficult

If you focus on being a freelance writer rather than choosing the full-time option, then contemplate on the fact that you may lack social support! You do not get to experience the life of working with co-workers and a team. Certainly, things are made harder without any balance. You need to be self-motivated, else everything can go haphazard. 

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Work Wherever & However You Want

The idea of having everything at the click of a button is the most amazing thing. When we do freelancing that’s exactly what we find for ourselves. It’s good to work as freelancers as you get the flexibility of time and can work at any time of the day. The most amazing thing for me would be not to have the compulsion of waking up in the morning. Like everything comes with its own pros and cons, this kind of situation can badly affect your daily routine.


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