9 Immigration Options For Indians

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9 Immigration Options For Indians

Immigration has been a popular trend among the Indian population. However, selecting a nation to immigrate to is a mindboggling decision to make. It is important to be well-acquainted with the immigration policies of the country you want to shift to and determine the employment opportunities you can avail there. Since immigration involves a whole lot of fears, apprehensions, and vulnerabilities, it is also vital to ensure if the country you are moving to is immigrant friendly or not. Here is a list of nations which are immigrant friendly for Indians:-

Here is a list of countries which are immigrant friendly for Indians:-

#1. Canada- One of the most immigrant friendly nations, Canada’s tolerance for the people from different cultures has made it an ultimate favorite among the Indian masses. The government provides numerous job and education opportunities to its immigrants. Canada has adopted a point-based method for immigration where the immigrants are given points for various factors like work experience, education, age, etc.

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#2. Japan- It may come as a surprise, but Japan is giving green cards to Indian, British and American citizens. A major factor behind Japan’s friendly immigration approach towards India is that India has a vast number of skilled software engineers. You can get the green card in Japan by living there for 48 months.

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#3. New Zealand- New Zealand is another immigrant friendly nation which is popular among the masses. You can apply for a visa after meeting the eligibility criteria for immigration and can get a PR after that. One of the perks of moving to New Zealand is its low land prices.

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#4. Germany- A welcoming nation, Germany has always been approachable for medical and IT professionals. It even launched its campaign website to promote immigration. Germany also incorporated the blue card into its immigration system in the year 2012. To avail the blue card, the applicant must have a college or university degree and an employment contract with the salary of €50,800 per annum with a German company.

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#5. Australia- Another popular immigration destination among Indians, Australia has a strong economy and offers numerous career opportunities. Like Canada, immigration process to Australia is based upon the points which are calculated by factors like age, work experience, educational qualification, etc.

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#6. Brazil- Brazil is hospitable towards international professional to make up for its lack of skilled professionals. The country offers various methods of immigration like the investment of foreign funds in a productive activity, in the case of a researcher or administrator, manager, or director of a corporation. Currently, over 9000 people of Indian origin are residing in Brazil.

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#7. Singapore- Besides having friendly immigration policies, Singapore maintains a zero unemployment rate. It is highly popular among the masses of India, China, Malaysia, etc. The country offers various lucrative PR schemes for investors, foreign artistic talent, and people working in Singapore,

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#8. Argentina- An immigrant can easily settle down in Argentina after meeting the minimum monthly income criteria that have been laid down. What makes Argentina an immigrant friendly country is that while it offers numerous employment and education opportunities, the cost of living in Argentina is quite low.

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#9. UAE- With over 2.8 million Indian immigrants, UAE has become a popular immigration destination among Indians. The number has triggered with the growth of employment opportunities in industries like finance, transport, and petroleum. UAE also attracts a temporary migration of low-skilled laborers by providing them a higher living standard.

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We would love to hear from you. Tell us about the country you wish to immigrate to. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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According to me Canada is the most immigration friendly country for INDIANS.

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