Amul Taza is the real Taste of India: Amul and Anul Trademark case

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Amul Taza is the real Taste of India: Amul and Anul Trademark case

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Amul is a dairy cooperative that was formed in the year 1948 it is also commonly known as Anand Milk Union Limited. This brand is a cooperative body which means that people come together to achieve a common goal. The cooperative dairy is the firm which was responsible for a White revolution in India and has almost 3.6 million employees.

Amul is the largest producer of milk has been facing the similar problem of a copycat. Ahmadabad based private dairy under the name of Kuldeep enterprises was selling milk with the brand name Anul to the locals .'Anul Shakti' and 'Anul Taaza' were also part of the marketing scheme of the private diary which to common people is deceptively similar to the name 'Amul Taaza' and 'Amul Shakti'.

The marketing branch of the firm came to notice about the copycat and immediately the private dairy was sent a legal notice regarding the use of the trademarked name and similar color scheme.

Kuldeep enterprises the firm using the copied color scheme and name sent a reply to the legal notice stating that there is no form of infringement involved and the name is not likely to confuse as it is not phonetically similar.

The trademark infringement case has been going on between Naroda based Shri shakti dairy in varodra court for past 20 years.

Moreover, finally! After 2 decades the trademark case has come to an end, and the verdict is in favor of Amul.

It is a great relief for the dairy giant; the trademark case came into notice in the year 1998 when the cooperative dairy giant and the Gujarat cooperative marketing company found that the dairy milk pouches were of the similar color scheme.

The judgment passed by the court restricts the private dairy from producing, manufacturing or marketing the milk product to the public under the said name.

The Times of India covered the same news in the year 1998 when the trademark case had begun.

Amul has recently gone against many companies to protect its brand identity and trademark. The copycat companies are selling biscuits to underwear under the brand's name, and hence the step was taken by the firm.


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