9 Small Mistakes to Avoid While Registering Your TM

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9 Small Mistakes to Avoid While Registering Your TM

Every business present today in the market wants to secure their respective brands and at the same time connect with the maximum audience. They look for something which strikes the mind immediately and can be recognised easily. Registering a trademark is the primary step in the development of any brand and connects to their product or services.

Even if it is a start-up, medium or large business, anyone can register their trademark online without any hassle. However, certain troubles can be bothersome if the entity is unaware of the complete registration procedure. Here are a few mistakes that one needs to avoid in case of trademark registration.

#1. Refrain from a comprehensive trademark

Whenever you are deciding upon your trademark, make sure it is not generic or relatable. Try to keep your trademark as distinct and catchy as possible. It can be any design, sign or even an expression. Keep away from using a noun or verb in it as sometimes they turn out to be similar with some other brand.

#2. Always search well

Before deciding what your trademark is going to be it's always better to explore and observe the ongoing trends in the market and that the decided trademark is distinct. Searching makes sure of any issues that may arise due to the lack of proper information.

#3. Choose the Right owner

Trademarks need to have different owners, and this should be correctly specified in the application. In case you have any private limited company or a public company it becomes necessary to define all the owners involved in the organisation. In case of improper or wrong information, about the owner of the trademark, the registration application may get rejected.

#4. Technical inaccuracy in the application

To register for a trademark, you need to fill in an initial application form; this can turn out to be a tough job for the inexperienced. To skip all these hurdles, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the complete application procedure and details required if you are opting to apply by yourself.

#5. Describe goods or services correctly

The description of products and services needs to be proper while you are applying to get your trademark. The IPIndia {Intellectual Property India} provides a WIPO complaint list of pre-approved goods and services making it easier for the applicants to choose from the various options.

#6. Replying to the office actions

Some people fail to respond to the office action sent to them in case the IPIndia find some technical or any other issue with the application. The delay in your response might end up in the cancellation of your application.

#7. Lack of a professional attorney

There is a lot of information that can skip from your head if you are applying for the trademark all by yourself. It’s always better to go for professional advice to register your trademark and secure your brand without much hassle. Hiring a help in this domain will help you to know all the primary information required.

#8. Trademark use in commerce

Before applying for trademark registration, the entity must use it in the market for his/her respective goods or services. If the company or business is not able to use the trademark in commerce, it can still apply for the intent-to-use application. However, it will proceed only when the trademark is in use.

#9. Language use

An essential aspect you need to keep in mind while registering your trademark is the use of language. It should not sound vulgar or something objectionable at any point in time.


Even if the person is a new-bee in this highly competitive business world, these key points will help any start-up company or businesses who want to register their trademark and at the same time enlighten them about all the pre-requisites for the registration process.

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