10 Satires That Portray Why The World Day Against Child Labor Is Important

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10 Satires That Portray Why The World Day Against Child Labor Is Important

The most precious time in a person’s life is childhood; a time filled with wonder, innocence, and joy. Sadly, not every child has the same childhood, at least not 168 million children around the world. For them, this beautiful phase of their life revolves around doing back breaking labor to earn a one-course meal.

The World Day Against Child Labour was launched in 2002 with the intention to shed light and bring an end to this blatant exploitation of kids. At a tender age of 5 or 6, children are employed in factories, mines, as maids or even as beggars. Countries with the highest rate of child labor are Nigeria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Despite all this, society as a whole does not see it as a compelling issue that needs to be addressed. People don’t hesitate to employ young boys or girls as help either at home or work. Since a picture is worth 1000 words, we thought why not drive the point to general conscious through them.

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As one artist demonstrates, for an employer they are nothing less than animals pulling their heavy carts, while the rich enjoy the leisure of life, it’s the young kids who sweat it out.

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If you want something you have to earn it, so what if it’s a warm meal and you are just 5. 

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Some are born with a silver spoon, and others have to work to put clothes on their back.

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Sometimes motivation finds you at an early age. 

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He would rather be in school. He wants to laugh, play and enjoy childhood, instead, he stitches for you stuff he is never allowed to have.

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Compassion for the young lot is a concept that has been flushed down the toilet 

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As cartoonist Shreyas Navade puts it, "it is the time the adults grow up and focus on issues that matter."

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They are the future of our country, don't ruin their future.

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While one-half throws away half eaten meal and wears shoes costing $150, the other half works night shifts to earn a meager amount. 

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The situation has gotten so bad that these young minds have accepted their role in the society as wage earners and help to the wealthy. It's time we change that

Global communities championing against this exploitation of children are of the view that it is education that can save the day and take these kids out of the toxic environment they are in. The slogan From Exploitation to Education has managed to bring stagnation to this problem, but it is not enough as this evil has spread its roots far and very deep and another strong effort is required to put an end to this atrocity once and for all. 

You too can put a stop to this horrendous social malpractice. Find out how.

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Yes, it is

Yes, it's basic human empathy that should prevent people from employing underage kids.

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