Child labour should be banned

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Child labour should be banned

Child labor is a very serious issue to be looked upon. It’s the efforts, the work which a child is forced to due to some circumstances. A child is forced to work in hotels or any public or private place like houses, circus or any shop etc. due to various shortcomings in a child’s life, he or she falls into the hands of those people who are in search of these kids. These kids are the only source of their income and they also train them to adapt to these situations and how to handle it.

Causes of child labor

Child labor is a crime and still is seen prevalent in most of the countries. Besides their age, a child is forced to beg or work for filling his empty stomach. People in hotels are often seen where the entire work from cleaning to washing utensils is seen done by the children. Some children are often beaten up badly by people on not doing the task as required or even are exposed to cruelty by people. Some children are forced to beg on streets and the money that they earn the whole day is taken by someone else. I just remembered watching the movie “salaam Bombay”, just watch it and you will come to know how hard it is for these children to earn money.

The film is about various situations but some of it is about child labor. It’s not about working or forced to earn money but also "children are exposed to drugs and all sort of things which make their health deteriorate" day by day. They start dealing with bad habits too like stealing something or even murdering someone for money. It affects the personality of a child forcing them to do a crime and it also affects the society at large.

Child labor should be banned

In my views, child labor should be strictly banned in India or internationally too because children are weak and undemanding which is making them susceptible to exploitation. Child labor should be made an offense under law and strict actions should be taken against those who motivate it and indulge in spreading this crime. This would not only bring back their childhood but also secure the future of the nation whose citizens they would be one day.

Opinions (2)

If someone asks me, “Should child labor be banned?” My answer would definitely be yes. Child labor should be banned worldwide because it is inhuman to force a child to work when children of their age play and enjoy their lives. It deprives the child of their childhood. Legislature across the world prohibit child labor but the laws do not consider all child work as exploitative. The work by child artists, work done because of family duties, work under supervised training, etc., are excluded from such laws prohibiting child labor.  Child labor is defined by international standards as work that is hazardous, demands too many hours, or is performed by children too young. More than 200 million children globally work as child laborers. Around 72.5 million children are performing hazardous work that is affecting their health, safety and overall growth. Is the question, “Should child labor be banned?” still relevant? Children in such a huge amount are working as child laborers and if we still do not take step towards ending it then soon millions of children will lose their innocence. UN member states committed to eradicating child labor in 2015 by 2025.  Why should child labor be banned? Child labor should be banned because it promotes slavery. Child labor is modern slavery. Children have the right to breathe in clean air and live life like the rest of the children do. These children who work in industries and in places where there is no hygiene die because of diseases. They are not given proper medical treatment. Child labor stunts the development of the children. All of us believe that children are the future of the nation and if we waste their talents like this then there will be a dark future. There is huge child labor in India. Children are forced to work in factories due to poverty. 4.5 million girls and 5.6 million boys are engaged in child labor in India according to 2011 census. It is the need of the hour to eradicate poverty to diminish child labor from the world. The number of child labor in India is alarming and therefore, child labor should be banned in India.


I do not suppose that there should be a question as to whether child labor should be banned or not. It should be a violation of human rights to force a child to work. It is astounding how, even after strict guidelines by international agencies the situation of child labor is getting worse and worse. Yes, that it right. Although child labor has existed for hundreds and thousands of years, the situation was never as bad as it got during the industrial revolution when children were forced to work in hazardous conditions.
According to UNICEF, millions of children around the world are still trapped in the vicious circle of child labor. Condemned to the life of poverty, these children are deprived of not just their childhood, but also health and education, which are basic human rights. The count supposedly stands at 168 million at this point, meaning that about 168 million children aged between 5 and 17 years of age working in farms and furnaces as slaves all around the world.
Though there is decline in the number of child labors around the globe, this is still too low. At this pace, there will still be more than 100 million child labors in the world in 2020. Some say that child labor is inevitable as what are kids who are born in poor families are supposed to do? Well, I tell them what they are not supposed to. Those kids are not supposed to work as slaves. It falls upon the government to provide food, shelter and education for kids who are deprived of these since their parents can’t afford. I think all the countries in the world should come together to find an effective solution for this child labor crisis that is destroying the future of our world. That is the only way we can overcome this global issue. 

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