Are Unicorns Real?

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Are Unicorns Real?

Are Unicorns real or fake?’ is a huge question which has troubled historians for centuries. Though, it is somehow tough to say if unicorns existed outside our dreams. It should also be noted that before it was found out that the world is round by Columbus and Magellan, there were no remains of evidence that could justify the statement mentioned above.

Can there be a certainty that fossil remains of unicorns can be taken out which is seen as a myth in today’s times?

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Let’s find out whether they existed or not.

What Are Unicorns?

'Unicorn' is usually referred to mythical animals that resemble a white horse with one horn protruding from its forehead. It has also been noticed that occasionally they are outlined as a deer, ass or a goat with one horn. The horn is generally delineated as long and straight in line along with spiral striations.

They are also outlined as having cloven hooves like the cattle, deer or goats. Though their entire body is like a horse, they have the hooves of an ungulate. Many times, they have been illustrated with alike coat colors to horses but mostly they have been delineated white.

Their Fossil Remains A Myth

Author Tracy Chevalier’s book ‘Remarkable Creatures’ circles around the life of Mary Anning. She is a woman who brought fossils but couldn’t comprehend what fossilized creatures she was gathering. One fossil was of the nautilus that now is known as cephalopods. Earlier, it was thought to be coiled snakes. Nevertheless, straight cephalopod shells were also collected and many mistakenly thought of them as unicorn horns. Nevertheless, there are no fossils of unicorns to be found. Although,  animals such as horses have a good fossil record.

Also, you must know that many skeletons of unicorn have been discovered but all have been regarded as fake.

Animals That Look Similar To A Unicorn

#1. Indian Rhinoceros

(Image Courtesy: Cincinnati zoo)

It is also called greatest one horned rhinoceros. It is considered the largest amongst the three Asian rhino species almost reaching a height of 4m 13ft long. As the name depicts, it is said to be having an alluring and impressive horn which seems to be a rival of white rhino of Africa. The Indian rhino is known to grow one of the interesting appendages. It is known to be made up of keratin which is the same fibrous protein that is used in the making of fingernails and hair.

#2.  Saola

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If you believe in unicorns being mysterious, Saola fits in. In the year 1992, it was discovered near the border of Vietnam with Laos. After analyzing his bones, it was said that Saola is somehow related to cattle. It is known as ‘spindle horn' in Vietnamese which is said in reference to the pair of parallel straight horns which are about 50cm long.

#3. Narwhal

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This animal is said to be having magical sensory powers.  It should also be noted that his tusk can go high up to 2.6 m long that is half as long as its body. It does not actually have a horn but an outgrown canine tooth that spirals counter clockwise from the left direction of the animal’s mouth. 

#4. Unicornfish

(Image Courtesy: Britannica)

Unicorn type animals can also be observed in warm waters in the appearance of colorful tropical tangs also known as unicorn fish. Many of the fishes in the genus Naso from the Latin ‘nasus’ for ‘nose’ have been found having a unicorn like knobs over their heads.

Do you still believe in unicorns? I’m sure you’ve got your answer! If you still have any questions, please feel free to write to us.
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