How long does a Horse live?

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How long does a Horse live?

We all tend to have a very deep connection with the animals we choose to pet. Over the years we tend to develop a deep sense of emotional connection with them. Most people treat their pets as companions. Over a period of time, they tend to become a member of the family. But, irrespective of what our pets mean to us, we do need to keep in mind the fact that, pets usually have a short life span in comparison to humans. It truly can be very painful to lose a close companion and even harder to deal with the void they tend to leave behind.

All pet animals tend to hold a special space in the heart of the owner, one such animal which can become a constant companion for all your adventures is a horse. Are you a horse owner? Do you find it amazing to go on those adventure rides on the back of your favorite horse? Do you ever wonder how long this companionship will last? Are you aware of the life span of your horse? Down below are the details regarding how long a horse lives? What is the age limit of a horse? What is the average horse age?

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How Long Does A Horse Live?

The average life span of a horse is around 25 to 35 years of age. There remains a gap of ten years, which is affected by several factors. These factors include the size of the horse, the breed, its genetics, and also the kind of care it has received. The care is essential, what kind of food and nourishment they have been given and the kind of work they did or the purpose they were used for. These will also affect the kind of health it has had for a long span of time, which is a strong indicator of the span it will live for.

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When it comes to the breed, larger horses do not have a very long life span; ponies, on the other hand, tend to live for a comparatively longer period of time. They may easily live into their late thirties, and in some cases, they also live into their forties. Drafts are a breed that lives for a shorter span of time in comparison to that of Arabians, Arabians will live for a longer span of time.

Keeping all of the above in mind, we can take into consideration a few facts that will help horses to live a longer and a better life. These factors can help them to live happy and healthy during the time they are alive. Making sure they are getting a good amount of exercise is one thing that will make sure your horse is in good health. The food they eat should be nutritious enough to give them the required energy for all their activities. Along with this comes a good companionship, just like humans, an animal also need to experience love and friendship.

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