Beach Retreat or Theme Park? Where Should I Take My Family for Vacation?

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Beach Retreat or Theme Park? Where Should I Take My Family for Vacation?

All families have their own vacation style that they commonly prefer. If you were on a vacation with your family and friends, would you rather go to the beach to relax in the sand and swim in the waves all day or go on wild rides and take adventurous photos? These two types of activities have many differences from each other and choosing the perfect vacation for your family can be nerve-racking to think if every member of the family will be pleased with the choice.

The difference is pretty much obvious between these two vacations but deciding which is the right one needs more time and consideration. Why? A vacation only happens very seldom and it is important that everyone agrees with the decision and has something to do during that vacation that they’ll love and enjoy. When you make sure of this, your vacation will be perfect and nothing can go wrong along the way. Everyone needs to be happy to keep on reading for you to determine what will be your family’s vacation style.

Beach Retreat  

With vacations, there are limitless choices for where to go and there are so many pros where you and your families can get creative as you want to be. One of the most convenient options with vacations is having a beach near your home. Traveling to a beach near home every summer will be very accessible and affordable, especially if your family loves the beach. I am sure that in every country, there are numerous beaches that are beautiful year round and offer sufficient family accommodations.  

Probably the best beaches you can visit once in your life are the pristine beaches of Australia. Australian has so many options for beautiful sandy beaches and not as crowded or crazy as Miami beach. Also, when you are on a beach vacation, it’s easier to find a great place to stay that won’t break the bank. A lot of resorts today offer pools and disparate resort facilities, that will continue to help everyone be happy and occupied with their stay.

Moreover, if you and your family prefer a beach vacation, you should consider how much there is to do nearby. Laying around the beach for a day or two is surely fun but it can start to get old after awhile. It may get a bit boring already and not everyone will be happy to build sand castles for seven days straight! Bear in mind that if most of your family members are very active outdoors, make sure that there are plenty of other activities for everyone in the family. Look for beaches that offer the opportunity to go surfing and paddle boarding. Also, I suggest that they do try to learn to kitesurf. Kitesurfing is one of the most extreme and thrilling water sports in the world. If most of them are into the rush and pure adrenaline activities, let them try it!  

If you want to get out and explore at the same time but still want to be near the beach, you can try overseas destination that you can choose from like the amazing beaches of Australia, rocky cliffs of England’s beaches, and the breathtaking beaches of Italy as well. Explore one of these destinations for your upcoming family vacation!  

Theme Park  

I am sure that when everyone was once a kid and each of us has always wanted to go on a vacation to a great theme park such as Disneyland or Six Flags. From the repetition of everyday life at home, these kinds of places appear to be the perfect escape from it. I am sure some of you felt that and went on a break from your regular vacation style.  

A theme park is likely the same with beach vacation styles, you can easily find family accommodations. But a theme park can also bring its own set of conflicts for the family. There may be some members of your family that love theme parks but could not go on any of the rides because of great motion sickness. For instance, your mom or your sibling may not like adventure rides and your dad does. What happens is that your mom and your sibling will just watch the both of you enjoy wandering around the theme park and try your best not to feel terrible that the others could not join. If one of your family members will be left out of all the fun, it might be best to just hit the beach instead.  

Not only that, theme parks can be also expensive. You’ll buy tickets for 4 to 5 members of the family for multiple days in a major theme park can cost you back hundreds of dollars. Compared to how free it is to build sand castles and lay around with a relaxing view you have at the beach can be more appealing from theme parks. But if you have saved money for a theme park vacation, you can create spectacular adventures with your family–see animated movie characters, twisting through dozens of upside-down loops, and live for a short moment through a fantastical world of pirates.  

There are numerous theme parks around the world that you can explore such as Disneyland Paris or Tokyo. And if you and your family want to be adventurous travelers, traveling overseas and familiarizing yourself with a new city, taking your family to a theme park vacation overseas can be so much fulfilling.  

There are pros and cons for choosing between the two and it will just be a matter of personal preference. So which is your top option? Would you and your family want to go to the beach or experience wild rides at a theme park? I think that you can go for either as long as everyone can have a good time and enjoy one another’s company.  

Author bio: Ivandrea Ollero is a daytime writer for Kims, one of Australia’s impeccable beach retreat places. She gives out tips and hacks for finding the perfect location for a delighted vacation. She likes to read and write lists like what-to-dos and top places to visit. Ivandrea has a big interest in discovering historical connection of places and the beauty of diverse cultures.  

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