9 Best Business Ideas With Low Investment And Low Risk

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9 Best Business Ideas With Low Investment And Low Risk

Want to start a new company? Are you tired of your mundane service from 9 - 5? In the age of startups, more people are quitting their jobs to become entrepreneurs. But are they analyzing the investments and the risks that are involved in setting up their own business?

While some projects require massive investments and risks, there are a plethora of options available for small scale entrepreneurs to commence their operations and earn big bucks.

So, here’s a shout out to all the budding entrepreneurs who are looking for business ideas that involve low investments and low risks. Check this out!

#1. Food Restaurant Services

If you cook delicious lip smacking dishes, then you can always start a small venture with limited investment. Since food is an essential commodity that everyone requires; the chances of incurring losses are bleak.

Expansion: With the growth in the business, you can always think of moving to an urban location or opening branches at other locations.

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#2. SEO Consultancy

In the age of digitization, this is a field that is slowly growing to become a significant segment of the line of business. Thus, if you possess the knowledge about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and are keen to work in the field of Internet Marketer, this should be your ideal business idea.

Expansion: If your business does good, you can start a website of your own, that serves as a tutorial to budding SEO experts to learn the best from the field and make a difference.

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(Image Courtesy: SEO Consultancy)

#3. Party Planner

If you are residing in a metro city and are exposed to the culture of parties in the city, then take out your party hat and become a Party Planner! A business proposition that is slowly spreading its roots in the industry, Party Planning is becoming one of the most successful ideas to grow in this year.

Expansion: Once you excel in the field of party planning, you can always get into event planning as the next step in the business.

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#4. Packers and Movers

It takes great skills to pack an entire house into small square boxes. If you possess such skills, you must try your hand at this business venture. Since labor cost and other packing material costs will be the only expense in this field, you don’t require substantial investment to support your business.

Expansion: If the business does work, you can always expand it by introducing transport services as a part of the package 

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(Image Courtesy: Universal Cargo)

#5. Carpool Services

With an increase in the level of air pollution around the globe, most governments are compelling people to either opt for public transport or practice car pool as a medium to travel to office and workplaces. You can always commence business in the same field.

Expansion: You can always add a new line of cars to expand your business when it delivers good results.

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(Image Courtesy:  Hub Page)

#6. Blogging

In today’s times, Blogging has become a good business venture with zero investments. Although the returns, in the beginning, will be small in number, with time and experience, one can make enormous money by this skill of writing!

Expansion: You can always evolve into becoming a freelancer and extend your services to companies that require bloggers.

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(Image Courtesy: Lucidica)

#7. Office Material Supplier

With the concept of startups coming into force, a lot of new offices are getting established. However, as a part of their establishment, they require office materials to support the formal structure. You can always begin a venture to supply such materials to new offices and make money out of them.

Expansion: You can tie up with several offices and begin providing other room supplements, other than the basic ones.

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(Image Courtesy: Grenno Supply)

#8. Pet Day Care

If you are a pet lover, there’s nothing better than this. You could start a venture in this genre and become a messiah for the working class who worry about their little furry friends’ safety when they are alone at home in the afternoon. Although the potential business idea involves little investment and risks, such as maintaining security and well-being of the pet, if the business plan picks up, it will become a major success.

Expansion: After reaping benefits with this business idea, you can always move on to opening a salon around the day care and extend luxurious services such as bathing and hair cut to pets.

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(Image Courtesy: Maria's Hullett Animal Files and Other Stuff)

#9. Recruitment Firm

With inflation at its peak, finding a job in the professional world is the most arduous task. To make it easier for job hunters, you can always start a recruitment firm that ties up with different companies and introduces potential candidates to the organization for recruitment.

Expansion: If your recruitment firm gives you positive results, you could expand the business with more investment and set up an office for the same.

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(Image Courtesy: Peoplefy)

Are there more ideas that we have missed to add to the list? Feel free to tell us about them! Comment on the box below to share your opinions and thoughts on the topic.

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