Best LinkedIn Tips For A Sure-Shot Job Grab

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Best LinkedIn Tips For A Sure-Shot Job Grab

While you've secured a job, LinkedIn profile may take a backseat yet to keep the offers flowing in from your dream company, you must build a rock solid LinkedIn profile. A cohesive LinkedIn profile attributing details of your work experience and the required skill set to match the dream job, must be in tune with what the employers are looking for. 

Searching for a job is not easy and landing a good job is even tougher. Though, social media sites like LinkedIn can make this task easier for you. If you are using LinkedIn job search to land a good job, then here are certain LinkedIn tips and tricks for job seekers that you must avail good use of. These can help you stand out among the plethora of other people and gain good prospects.

#1. An Appealing Profile

The first thing that assures your chances of landing a good job is a good profile. The first thing a recruiter will do is click on your profile, and it needs to create a great impression. The most important LinkedIn profile tips for job seekers is to have a complete profile with your skill set, previous work experience and feedbacks from others.

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#2. Customize your URL

Instead of keeping the URL assigned by LinkedIn, you can customize it easily to make it easier for you to publicize your profile. This can be done very easily, all you need to do is go to edit profile and click on the ‘edit’ button next to the Public Profile URL. Specify what you would prefer your address to be and once you emphasizing click on- Set Custom URL.

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#3.  A Professional Picture

Many overlook this important tip when they use LinkedIn to get a job. Adding a good and professional looking picture to your profile makes you look authentic to the recruiter. It is important to give a face to the profile rather than give it a look of anonymity. Also, make sure the picture is professional as it represents a lot more than your features. A good picture conveys your work ethics, charisma, and other empathic traits.

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#4. Use the Summary Space Well

That space has been given for a purpose and it is important to make good use of it. A great tip for all LinkedIn users looking for a job would be to write a crisp summary that conveys your unique qualifications, skill set, talents and achievements that make you an ideal employee. Your words must convey your passion and dedication towards your work and use bulleted section to make it stand out.

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#5. Make Good Use of Target Job Descriptions

Every job has a certain job description, and recruiters use them to select candidates and resumes. In order to catch their attention, make a record of keywords that they are looking for and then uses them in your summary and experience section. You can make use of word cloud tool like Wordle to find out which words the recruiters are placing emphasis on.

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#6. Use The First Person and Get Personal

Linkedin is not your resume, and it’s advisable that you add a personal touch to what you are writing. Also, use the first person when talking about yourself (instead of saying John works as a..prefer I work as a..)

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Are you using your LinkedIn profile to the fullest in order to rope in great job prospects? Do share your feedback using the comment section below.

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