What is Linkedin? How does it Work?

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What is Linkedin? How does it Work?

If you’re paying attention to all the recent gossips at your workplace, or the so called “professional conversations”, you might have come across the term LinkedIn. So, what is LinkedIn and what’s all the hype about it? If you have the same question, you about get the answer for it.

If you try to understand the word “LinkedIn,” you’ll see the word is divided into two parts- Linked (Linking two people from same or different places) and In (Inside something). The “In” here refers to LinkedIn, thus, in layman’s term, Linked In is a networking platform where people can connect with each other and stay in touch.    

How Does Linkedin Work?

Before we explore how LinkedIn works, there’s something else we need to talk about- why two networking platforms? We already have Facebook for the same purpose, and needless to say, it's more successful with a large number of users. Then, what was the need for LinkedIn? The answer is in the way LinkedIn works.  

Linked is a networking platform, but the difference lies in the target audience, who are professionals. If you haven’t figured out already, LinkedIn is a professional networking platform where you can connect with anonymous working professionals related to your industry or others. Along with networking, LinkedIn also acts as a job portal where an employer can directly connect with a potential employee, explore their past and present employment details, and fix an interview, or even hire them.  

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What Are LinkedIn Connections?

The word “connections” is used to refer to people in your network, or in Facebook’s language- your friends in your friend's list. Every individual who accepts your request to connect with you or vice versa is a connection.  

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What’s The Benefit Of Having Huge Connections

A large number of connections means a large pool of professionals from your industry, or any other industry knows about you and your skills. Every connection opens infinite doors to great opportunities for you, all you are required to do is knock on the right one. But, if you believe only building up your network and increasing the count to 500, 1000, even 10,000 will help, you’re on the wrong path. Increasing your network doesn’t work unless you talk to them, and display your skills using the platform.

How Is Linkedin Used In Business

LinkedIn is the best social media platform for your business if you happen to have one. Now, the question popping up in your mind must be “how does LinkedIn helps in business?”. The answer is, LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, and each and every connection you have is associated with a business, working at different levels. So, if you keep displaying your work, and if you’re good at it, then there’s no way that your business doesn’t get the attention. The probability of you or your business finding some potential clients, and partners through LinkedIn is very high.  

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We hope the aforementioned satisfied your query. If it didn’t, let us know using the comment section, and we'll try to do better next time. We would love to hear your valuable opinions about the article from you.

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