10 Most Influential Linkin Park Songs

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10 Most Influential Linkin Park Songs

Linkin Park has been an influential force for many. With their boundary pushing music, the band has continued to inspire millions. Starting their journey with ‘Hybrid Theory’, Linkin Park has sold over 70 million albums across the globe. The nerve-wrenching songs by the band, however, prove to be a great asset for the millennial generation. 

Unfortunately, the band recently lost their iconic lead, Chester Bennington. The demise had put the world of rock music to a halt and left a million fans numb. While remembering the legendary rock star of an iconic band, here are 10 best Linkin Park songs to pay a tribute to the iconic singing sensation of all time:-

#1. In The End

A breakthrough record, In the End, is a captivating track about the vanity of all that you have surrounded yourself with.

#2. One Step Closer

A go-to for the rebellious teens, One Step closer is one of the most relatable song of the Linkin Park.

#3. The Catalyst

A song with the strong conviction and statement-worthy lyrics, The Catalyst went out to be a rock and alternative hit.

#4. Points Of Authority

A signature Linkin Park song, Points of Authority was another one of the groundbreaking tracks from the album Hybrid Theory.

#5. Faint

A track that contained everything that Linkin Park stood for, Faint was a brilliant masterpiece from the album Meteora.

#6. Waiting For The End

A deviation from the usual Linkin Park style, Waiting for the End was another hit from the album A Thousand Suns.

#7. Numb/Encore

The song that redefined the word numb was one of the most influential songs of Linkin Park. Interestingly, the song was in collaboration with Jay Z.

#8. Breaking The Habit

Breaking the Habit is the modern rock fusion that showcased the evolution of the band’s style.

#9. What I've Done

A striking track, ‘What I’ve Done’ was one of the most critically-acclaimed Linkin Park songs.

#10. New Divide

The Transformers track, New Divide was one of the band’s highest charting songs.

We would love to hear from you. Tell us about your favorite Linkin Park song. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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Numb, the best-ever main tune that depicts all circumstances of life. I cherish this tune so much that when I heard it, surprisingly I got totally fixated to this melody. It makes me wanna move everytime I tune into the song. I have watched its video and it fares so wonderfully. Connecting with Linkin’ Park is recently so astounding. Added to that, I adore the tune ‘In the End’ and ‘Breaking Habits’. Connecting with Park is undoubtedly the most preferred choice. It can't be supplanted by anybody.

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