10 Best Tracks To Play On Loop During A Rainy Day

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10 Best Tracks To Play On Loop During A Rainy Day

Rainy days bring along with them so much. From the petrichor to nostalgic memories, rains remind us of all the good and even the bad things in life.

What makes them so mystical is that no two rainy days are the same. You might love a day for its raining cats and dogs while you’ll hate someday for pouring a bit too heavily. Nevertheless, one thing that is indispensable with rainy days is music.

There certain songs that just seem perfect to listen to on rainy days. They can cater to all the moods that you go through when it is raining outside. Keeping the same in mind, let's browse through the playlist of a few songs that you can listen to on loop.

#1. 'Sweet Disposition' by The Temper Trap

If you have nothing to do when it’s raining outside, you can still do one thing: contemplate. You want to contemplate about yourself, your life. This is the perfect song for days like these.

#2. 'To Build A Home' by Cinematic Orchestra

There are days when you just look out the window and imagine your lover and you kissing under the rain. When you feel your life is nothing less of a movie.

#3. 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me' by Travis

When you’re stuck in a jam and it’s raining heavily outside, just look outside on the streets and listen to this track.

#4. 'Yellow' by Coldplay

If you’re all drenched in the rain and you would do anything to get a nice warm hug. To re-live this feeling, give this song a listen.

#5. 'I Miss You' by Blink 182

When rainy days take you back in time and you feel how much you would want something that you no longer have. This song would be the perfect companion if you want to look back at the choices you have made.

#6. 'Bittersweet Symphony' by The Verve

There are days when you’re really happy sitting inside your apartment, all by yourself. On days like these, listen to this song as you look at the passersby outside while sipping on to your coffee.

#7. 'Last Kiss' by Pearl Jam

When it is raining heavily outside and you are away from your partner. Listen to this and just watch at the droplets rolling off your window panes.

#8. 'A Lack Of Color' by Death Cab For Cutie

For when you have no control over your mood and your emotions.

#9. 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole

It’s raining outside and you have nowhere to go and nothing to do. Just listen to this song and realize that the sight of rains and the sound it creates when it hits the ground is damn beautiful.

#10. 'Stay With Me' by Sam Smith

For those rainy days when you just want to be in bed and do nothing.

Are there more songs that should have featured in this list? tell us about them! Comment on the box below to share your opinions and thoughts.

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