Can anyone suggest the best place for a holiday trip?

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I am planning holiday trip with my family, but I confused with the places. We are looking for 6 Day holiday trip to explore the stunning destinations. can anyone suggest the package details and best travel agency?

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Do you love the sea breeze and the warmth of the sun? Then go ahead with their ‘Journey of History’ Sri Lankan holiday package. You can go through the country passing the historical location enriched in both culture and heritage. You can say that this package is the paradise for history lovers which allows them to spend their vacation along with mid of wildlife, heritage and a beach stay. What more can one ask for?

If not satisfied with their varying offered packages you can let them know of what you are looking for and get your custom-made package through their Sri Lanka tailor made holidays. Lakpura LLC is all set to make your stay in Sri Lanka the most memorable and cherishable one, but are you ready to experience the luxury they are willing to service you with? If yes, come on board with and make the most of it.

I think Tibet, China is a good place for a holiday. Tibet has beautiful scenery and a devout Tibetan Buddhist culture. It is the dream of many people to set foot on the mysterious land. I know an experienced local travel agency in Tibet: Great Tibet Tour. The 7 Days Lhasa Shigatse Everest Base Camp Sakya Tour is their classic tour, you can have a look. If you think this tour is not suitable, you can contact them to customize the tour for you. 

If you are looking for foreign destinations, Crete would be a great choice. It is a beautiful island. You can find out more about it by simply googling "Crete travel packages."

Plus, there are always the govt-run websites, which, more often than not, have a lot of helpful info. The Greek govt. has this page for Crete.

Similarly, be sure to check out .gov sites for other destinations you are considering.

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