What is the Concept of Depth of Field in Photography?

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What is the Concept of Depth of Field in Photography?

Shallow depth of field is a truly magical effect for the photographers who can precisely bring it up in their pictures. It’s a technique that not everyone can master; however, understanding the same does no harm.

So, if you don’t know what is a depth of field, what’s the relationship between the depth of field and aperture and does depth of field affects FPS, then here is your answer.

What Is The Depth Of Field?

If you want to master photography as an art or a skill, then understanding the concept of depth of field is really significant. DOF or Depth of Field is actually the distance between the farthest and the nearest object in a particular scene that appears acceptably sharper in the image. It is somewhat a realistic phenomenon but at a much higher range than what a human eye can see.

For the concept of DOF to be clear, you also need to understand the working of Aperture. Aperture is that opening in the camera lens from where a particular amount of light enters into the photographic instrument. This light can be manually controlled by the user. It is basically calibrated in F-Stops. In simple language, it is the access that your camera sensors get for letting in some light which is required for creating better images.

Depth Of Field And Aperture

Lower the f/stop, higher is the exposure representing a bigger aperture. Higher f/stops get in a lower amount of light representing a smaller aperture opening. And this entire play of light creates the DOF.

Understand it in this way:

Low f/stop, larger lens opening, less DOF and blurry background.

High f/stop, smaller lens opening, greater DOF and sharp background.

F stops are basically numbers ranging from 1.4, 2, 2.8 to 4, 5.6, 8, 11 and 16. The depth of field and aperture are interconnected for creating images that can make someone happy or angry.

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Depth Of Field Chart

Over the time and with consistent practice, one can easily master the basics. Once you understand the concept of how aperture works to create blurry or sharper backgrounds, you can easily understand the calculations. Here is an image illustrating the depth of field chart for better understanding. It not only illustrates the depth of field examples but also shows how shutter speed and ISO work.

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Shallow Depth Of Field Examples

Shallow depth of field or focus primarily isolates your object from the background and is commonly used in portrait photography. So, when you make use of a larger aperture, you can obtain a shallow depth of field. In case your aperture is small, you will have a larger depth of field.

Both portrait and macro photography are the best examples when someone talks about the shallow depth of field.

Does Depth Of Field Affects FPS?

The Depth of Focus does impact the speed of frames you capture in a video. They can significantly increase or decrease depending upon the DOF level. If you observe in video games, you will notice how DOF actually kills the cinematic resolution to a certain level. The depth of Focus really brings down the performance in a video.

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