Dyna vs Softail: What's the Difference?

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Dyna vs Softail: What's the Difference?

Time and evolution have changed human beings. What started with the discovery of the wheel in the pre-historic era has today taken the shape of a multi-billion dollar automobile industry.

Today, humans ride motorbikes not only to reach from one place to the other but to do the very same thing in style. As a result, a lot of bike manufacturers have emerged whose products speak style.

One such major bike manufacturer is Harley Davidson. They are known for their classic style bikes and choppers and are easily the most popular bike manufacturer in the world. Of the many varieties they have on the offer, the two which are in demand the most are Harley Davidson Dyna and Harley Davidson Softail. People often get confused on which bike to pick up for themselves. In this article, we address Dyna vs Softail, once and for all.

Dyna vs Softail

Dyna and Softail are currently the most popular variants of popular motorbike manufacturers Harley Davidson. Whenever people visit Harley showrooms, they either ride out on a Dyna or a Softail. Naturally, there is a huge debate that surrounds Dyna and Softail asserting to which of the two is better.

We’d say, ‘better’ is a subjective word. It might vary from person to person. The utility that one bike provides over the other might excite different strata of life.

Harley Davidson Dyna

The Dyna is powered by an Eagle V-twin engine, boasts of a heavy duty clutch along with a 6-speed gearbox. Apart from that, the Dyna also boasts of 16-inch fang wheels, completely cast out of aluminum.

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Harley Davidson Softail

The Softail, on the other hand, houses a counterbalanced Twin Cam engine, which is a slightly older version of the one found in the Dyna. The best part about Softail is the abundance of accessories that you can purchase to give yourself that rider look.

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Conclusion: Dyna vs Softail

One thing that is not different between Dyna and Softail is that both are great bikes coming from a trusted manufacturer. While either of them will rarely disappoint you, it all boils down to your personal preference and the reasons you need a bike.

For instance, if you want a powerful bike that is great at turns and can seat two people easily, then the Dyna has to be your go-to bike.

However, if you want to reminisce Harley Davidson in its old glory, then Softail is the perfect fit for you. Plus, if you want a bike to ride long distances while maintaining you rider swagger, you have to be on a Softail.

In short, if you want something latest and revolutionary, then go for the Dyna. But, if you are old school and want something legendary, go for the Softail.

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So, there you have it. Do you own a Dyna or a Softail? Let us know in the comments below.

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