Why does your Car Shake when it's Idle?

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Why does your Car Shake when it's Idle?

Nothing beats the experience of sitting in a vibrating chair, it is soothing and deeply relaxing for your nerves. Now, if you exchange the chair seat with the seat of a car, the result will not be all the good for your nerves.

If you have been unfortunate enough to experience your car shake when idle you would be alarmed and not to mention a tad bit scared as well. Questions like ‘what is wrong with my car’ and why is my car shaking while idling will definitely come to your mind. This happens to a lot of car owners who have been driving their car for a really long time. A little shaking often begins and eventually leads to a vibration that is so strong that it can be felt through the seat and the steering wheel.

Car Shaking While Idling 

There are many reasons and even forms of vibration and shaking of the car that one may experience. If you are sitting at a red light in your car and despite being in a vehicle the car shake at idle makes you feel like you are sitting on a weight loss machine, then there is something definitely wrong with your car. The most likely problem in this situation is that something is broken in your car. It can be a broken or at times even a worn out motor mount which can cause the engine to move around way too much and cause the sensation of vibration. Low RPM can result in a lot of bounce under the hood of the car. This can be fixed with a minor or a major repair all depending upon the condition of the car. There can be issues with the fuel system as well. If the engine RPM is not functioning properly and drops suddenly, it can cause vibrations. 

Why Is My Car Shaking While Idling 

There can be a plethora of issues as to why your car can start shaking at idling and here are those reasons. You need to see what is exactly wrong with the vehicle and get it repaired immediately to avoid any mishappening in the future: 

#1. Wheels Get Out Of Balance

This problem is pretty common and is a major reason why many automobiles experience vibrating and shaking. Wheels getting out of balance can be a risky situation and create a dangerous driving condition, so it is important to get them checked.

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#2. Loose Hoses  

A lot many engine vibrations take place due to hoses that become loose or disconnected. This problem can be rectified with just reattaching the problematic hose, but often you might need to replace it completely.

(Image Courtesy: wikiHow)

#3. Spark Plug

This possibility is often overlooked but worn out or faulty plugs can cause the engine to misfire and vibrate.

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#4. Worn Out Struts And Shocks

If you have been using your car for a long period of time, then chances are that the strut or shock will wear out and cause the vehicle to shake or bounce.

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#5. Upper Strut Bearings Wear Out

Another very common reason for vibration is worn upper strut bearings. Any full-service tire shop can inspect the strut bearing, and if necessary they can replace them as well.

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#6. Worn Ball Joints

The whole function of ball joints is to keep the suspension of the car tight while things are moving around. As the ball joint wears down, the shaking becomes way too prominent to be easily missed.

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#7. Problems With Fuel System

In case the engine’s RPM acts erratic, that’s another reason for the vehicle to vibrate and shake.

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So, is your car facing the same problem and are you thinking of replacing it or getting it fixed. Let us know how you deal with the situation using the comment box below.

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