How to Detect if Someone is Stealing your Wi-Fi?

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How to Detect if Someone is Stealing your Wi-Fi?

With the technical advancements and wireless connections, life has become a lot easier now. While having a remote access to the internet, people have also started to share and store their confidential information. However, along with the technical advancement, internet security has also been compromised with. Stealing Wi-Fi has become a piece of cake now as people have various means and tools to hack Wi-Fi passwords easily.

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Not only does it put the confidential information into jeopardy, but it also leads to an increase in cyber crime. To avoid any troubles, here are some signs someone is stealing your Wi-Fi and some tips to safeguard it:-

How To Find Out If Someone Is Using Your Wi-Fi?

#1. Check The Router Lights

Quite a basic and layman way of determining if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi, you can always check your router for indications of any suspicious and unlikely internet connectivity or wireless activity.

#2. Router Checker

The web based tool can help you tell if your Wi-Fi password has been hacked or not. In case you spot an unauthorized DNS server in the settings of your router, it implies that someone has hacked your Wi-Fi.

wifi router

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#3. Download Trusted Tools

You can also take help of the external tools like Angry IP scanner, SoftPerfect WiFi Guard, and Wireless network watcher to confirm your suspicion of your Wi-Fi being used by someone else. The best thing about these applications is that they do not even cost much.

#4. See The List

All you need to do is to log on to your router’s administrative page and check out the list of attached devices. In case you find any unidentifiable network, it implies that someone else is using your Wi-Fi.

#5. Network Monitoring Software

For an advanced and extensive method to spot a Wi-Fi, hacking is to use network monitoring software like MoochHunter. It is generally used by law enforcement organizations to safeguard confidential information and track Wi-Fi hackers.

Tips To Safeguard Your Wi-Fi

#1. Encryption

Switching to 128-bit encryption is the best way to heighten the security of your Wi-Fi and keep it from getting hacked easily.

#2. Turn WPS Off

It is through Wi-Fi Protected Setup that anyone can easily pair with your Wi-Fi. In order to avoid such scenario, turn your WPS off.

#3. Turn DHCP Off

Turning your Dynamic Host Control Protocol off means that you are giving each device an IP address of your own, thereby making it difficult to connect with your network.

wifi router dhcp server

(Image Courtesy: CWNP)

#4. Change Router ID And Password

Quite a sure shot way of keeping someone from stealing your Wi-Fi is to change your router’s ID and password. Make sure that you keep a more complicated password in order to make your Wi-Fi more secure.

#5. Update

Updating your router’s software will only help you get rid of the security flaws that your software might be having.

We would love to hear from you. Feel free to drop in more tips to detect if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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