Usain Bolt - The Fastest Man On The Planet

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Usain Bolt - The Fastest Man On The Planet
Talk of sporting legends and one familiar sounding name will top the list. It's the man is known as the “Lightning Bolt” the world over, the legendary sprinter, Usain Bolt. He is without a shadow of doubt one of the greatest track athletes on the planet at this moment and will stand out forever for his accomplishments. Read on to discover eight lesser known, but nonetheless fascinating facts about the undisputed czar of sprinting and the fastest human on earth, Usain St. Leo Bolt.

1. It started with a wager over a free lunch
At the point when Bolt was only 12 years of age, local cleric Reverend Nugent caught the youth quarreling with his close pal, Ricardo Geddes, over who was the fastest runner between the two. Nugent chose to up the ante in order to convince them to take up the challenge of racing against each other with the promise of free lunch to the victor. The pair accepted, Usain Bolt tore to triumph, and thus began his journey to sports superstardom.

2. He's a remarkable humanitarian and a philanthropist


In the year 2009, Bolt paid over £10,000 to adopt a cheetah cub named Lightning Bolt in Nairobi and subsequently paid £2,300 a year to cover its maintenance at the animal care home. His backing of Kenya's wildlife protection endeavors are surpassed by his magnanimous work nearer to home: the Usain Bolt Foundation attempts to advantage local youth through sporting sponsorship, community infrastructure development and sponsoring gifted Jamaicans to exceed expectations in their preferred disciplines.

3. He's really got a lightning fast start off the block
Contrary to public opinion, the sprinter when executed appropriately has one of the quickest starts on the track despite his height. His 100 meter Beijing world record incorporated an opening 60 meters which are believed to be the fastest ever over that distance. Where he overtakes his rivals is during the last stages of a race where his lengthy stride gives him, an added advantage. Bolt as a slow starter is a typical misconception.

4. He's an awesome cricket all-rounder
Leveraging some of his superhuman speed from the track to the cricket pitch, Bolt who is an avid fan of cricket has proven himself as an able all-rounder in the sport. His talent on the pitch was showcased when he smashed West Indies Nation team captain Chris Gayle’s delivery for a six followed by clean bowling him with a neat bouncer.

5. He has his own mobile gaming app
The gaming app "Bolt" rose up to the top of the Jamaican game charts and reached the phenomenal number 2 spot in the UK's top free apps for 2012. Guess, Bolt is not accustomed to finishing in the second place in anything. While playing the game, the user has to steer the sprinter through several progressively challenging tracks to clock faster-running speeds.

6. He has got his own restaurant in Jamaica
Bolt owns and operates “Tracks and Records,” a sports and music bar, an extremely popular restaurant reputed to be one of its kind in all of the Caribbean District. It is spread across 7000 square feet, featuring a Jamaican fusion menu, several bars and lounges, state-of-the-art booth seating, a Brand Bolt retail shop, more than 40 giant flat screens to watch sporting events, and a Jamaican-themed interior decor with murals depicting Jamaican culture and traditions.

7. Medical condition, scoliosis did not stop him from reaching the pinnacle of success
Though Bolt has numerous bio-mechanical advantages, one part of his body which has troubled him in the past is his spine, which has an abnormal curvature. As a younger competitor, the condition has often hindered his progress and has been the primary cause of delaying the materialization of his immense potential. As quoted by Bolt himself, rather than letting this medical impediment ruin his career, he has successfully turned this major stumbling block into a stepping stone for success.

8. He's run the 100 meters in under 9 seconds
During the London games, Bolt blazed through the men's 4 x 100 m relay finals, which has been officially clocked at 8.70 seconds overtaking American Ryan Bailey down the final stretch. Bolt's individual races have garnered a great deal of media attention of late, yet he has been a part of the six quickest sprint relays, all consistently clocked under 9 seconds. To be quite frank, that is unbelievable.

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