Most Famous Rivalries In The World Of Football

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Most Famous Rivalries In The World Of Football

Rivalries have always been a part of the glorious sport of football. Some are even as old as the leagues and clubs themselves.

Today, we bring to you five of the biggest rivalries from the sport. Take a look at the top five rivalries that shook the world. 

#5. Manchester United and Liverpool

Liverpool’s magnificent run of 10 titles in just 15 years between 1976 and 1990 sparked resentment from the fans of Manchester, and that’s how this rivalry emerged. The eighties saw several riots breaking out during the matches between the two football clubs.

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#4. A.C. Milan and Internazionale Milan

The rivalry of Inter and AC Milan has been the one which has been consistently renewed over the decades. While AC Milan was formed in 1899 by English immigrants, Inter emerged when disgruntled locals broke away to form a rival. The heavyweights of the European football, the two clubs have taken Italian sports to new heights.

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#3. Manchester City and Manchester United

The battle of Manchester first took place in 1881, and today it is one of the most coveted derbies of football. Perhaps, only a few other league matches are as explosive and hostile as the Manchester Derby. Football fans from all parts of the world look forward to their fixtures each season, and the teams never disappoint. The two clubs have played each other 174 times so far, with United taking home 72 victories and City had to compromise with 50.

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#2. Celtic and Rangers

Collectively referred to as the Old Firm, the clubs of Celtic and Rangers have a rivalry unlike any other in the world. What adds to the fact that the Celtic embraces its Catholic roots, while Rangers are Protestants, is the fact that both the teams are based in Glasgow. The clash between the two hot teams of Scotland always fills fans with great passion. It was a spectacle when Celtic defeated Rangers by 2-0 in the Scottish Cup final.

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#1. Real Madrid and Barcelona

Two of the most successful football teams of all time, Real Madrid and Barcelona have had a fierce rivalry for ages. The football matches between the two arch-enemies are termed as “El Clasico, ” and an El Clasico never fails to live up to its reputation. The team fans love to hate other teams as much as they love theirs, and any player who makes the mistake of crossing over from one team to the other faces the wrath of fans. Such was the case with Luis Figo, who was welcomed with a pig’s head on the field.

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We would love to hear about other football rivalries that you know of. Tell us, which is your favorite football rivalry of all time through your comments in the dedicated section below.

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